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Real Housewives of New York

RHONY’s Aviva and Ramona Hurl Insults at Each Other Over Brunch: Whose Side Are You On?

On The Real Housewives of New York Season 5, Episode 17: “Don’t Make Room For Daddy”, Aviva Drescher claimed that her ex-husband Harry Dubin called her and told her that Ramona Singer was asking him all sorts of “inappropriate questions,” so she asked Ramona to meet for brunch. Aviva hopes that she’ll get a “somewhat sober person,” but Ramona refuses to take her sunglasses off, which worries Aviva from the start.

“It was like girls gone wild,” begins Aviva, who is there to find out why Ramona called Harry to ask about her phobias. Instead, the brunch turns into a rapid-fire exchange of insults between the two women, with accusations about alcoholism, co-dependency, and good manners flying above the ladylike chamomile tea.

To narrow them down, let’s start with Aviva. She called Ramona an enabler, an “ill-mannered, rough-around-the-edges woman” who can’t be without alcohol, and whose husband cheats on her.

Ramona called Aviva “very uptight,” told her that many women would trade their limbs to have Aviva’s life (in an apparent reference to the economy), said she had a stick jammed up her behind, and that she makes up stories. “Queen Aviva” became Ramona’s new nickname for Aviva, in a nod to her privileged childhood.

What did you make of this “conversation”? Was Ramona out of line to call Aviva’s ex-husband up and ask about her anxiety disorder? Or was Aviva being overly rude by telling Ramona she parties too much? Pick a side, and defend it in the comments below!

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