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Wetpaint Beauty Presents: Take 5!

For Everyday Hollywood Hair!

Credit: Pantene    

Anyone who’s watched this fall’s hot new shows knows that luscious locks, are a must-have for any primetime starlet. But how do the women of primetime keep their hair looing fresh and fabulous all the time? Well, ‘do’ not be fooled by the hype - getting longer, stronger, Hollywood hair at home, is easy with Wetpaint’s Take 5! tips for camera-ready strands.

1. Get Wet

Minimize breakage by making sure your hair is thoroughly wet before suds-ing up with shampoo. Use approximately a quarter’s size amount of a strengthening* brand like Pantene Beautiful Lengths Strengthening Shampoo ($4.99 and work the product into the palms of your hand before applying. Massage into wet hair, and rinse thoroughly.

*strength against damage.

2. Don’t Rush to Dry

Use the 60/40 rule to cut down on breakage. Allow your hair to dry 60 percent before blow-drying the remaining 40. How do you know when your hair is 60 percent dry? Hair over half-way dry will begin to look lighter, but still feel damp to the touch. Don’t have time to air-dry or addicted to a full blow-out, every time? Jump to tip #5 to learn about using the right products, to help protect against breakage and split ends due to heat styling.

3. Have a ‘Brush’ With Greatness

Use a comb, instead of a brush to remove tangles. Wide-tooth combs, or even just your fingers, are less likely to pull at the hair shaft and cause breakage or split ends. This is especially important for anyone trying to grow their hair long. Added bonus? Learning to ‘brush’ your hair out with just your fingers means fewer styling tools to buy and fewer things to pack when you go on vacation….that’s a savings of time AND money!

4. Your Insides Are Showing!

Dull hair can be a sign of a lifeless diet. Not taking care of yourself on the inside can affect the rate, and strength, of new hair growth. Try cutting down on empty calories. Bulk up on fresh foods and healthy fats, like olive and fish oil. Getting more sleep (7-8 hours) and reducing your stress level can do double duty to improve your mind and body while increasing your potential for growing strong, healthy hair.

5. Product Knowledge

Use treatment products like Pantene Beautiful Lengths Straightening Mask ($4.99 to help maintain the structure of your hair shaft, seal damaged cuticles and prevent split ends. Even chemical-free hair gets exposed to damage from brushing and styling. The best offense is a good defense, and using great products brings your hair care full-circle.

BONUS: Looking good can make you feel good too. If you’re considering a cut, consider joining the ribbon, through Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths program. Only chemical and dye free is eligible to make this gift, and it’s an easy way to update your look while supporting women have lost their hair during cancer treatment!