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5 Best Castle and Beckett Moments From Castle Season 5, Episode 1: “After the Storm”

Caskett fans had to wait patiently, but after four seasons of will-they-won’t-they, close calls, and almosts, last night’s Castle saw their relationship go where we all had hoped — into the bedroom. Everyone, just let out a big “finally!”

Castle and Beckett's more-than-awkward morning-after moment would make anyone cringe. Yet, these two bounced back through some witty exchanges and clever investigating. It’s enough to make you yearn for more Season 5, but especially more Caskett. And that’s just what we’re going to do.

Did you catch all the Caskett moments last night? Take a peek at the best Caskett encounters from Season 5, Episode 1: “After the Storm” below!

5. Somebody To Lean On

Beckett’s scared and it’s written all over her face. The man who tried to kill her, Cole Maddox, is still on the loose and they are no closer to catching him than before.

“This was supposed to be over,” she tells Castle, who steps up in Beckett’s time of need. He is offering solutions left and right on how they can find the man in the missing photo, assuring Kate, "This is what you’re great at. And I’m not so bad myself.”

Kate comes out of her funk in time for this crime-fighting, crime-writing pair to ID the man in the photo. One step down, many more to go.

4. Castle Just Won’t Give Up

Caskett are looking for clues to a possible second file — the first being torched by Maddox. Beckett thinks it's a long-shot that Smith had another one, but Castle knows Smith is too smart to just have one copy. Their future is looking bleaker as Castle and Beckett come up empty-handed. Beckett wants to give up, but Castle urges them to keep searching. But why?

“I am grasping at straws, because if that file is gone, that means they’re coming after you and there is absolutely nothing I can do. So yes, if there is a straw, I’m grasping," he says.

Castle can’t bear to lose Beckett and we can’t bear to lose Caskett, so girl, you better dig for something.


3. Pillow Talk, Interrupted

Before they have a chance to share their first kiss of the season, mama Martha’s home early. But two grown adults can act civilized in a rather compromising (read: naked) position, right? Not even close.

Beckett reluctantly hides in Castle’s closet and then discreetly exits the loft, while Castle handles Alexis’s hangover. Humor pours through the scene, including Beckett arming a pillow at Castle’s head. Yet somehow, they make the best out of an obviously awkward and mortifying situation.

Later, Castle goes to Beckett’s, who is still heated from earlier, asking, “So are you here to apologize for hiding me in your closet?” Fumbling over his words, Castle admits that the whole situation is very new for him. He simply wants a little privacy while they continue exploring their newfound love.

Regardless, it was a smooth save by Castle.

4. Bathroom Confession

Castle and Kate venture to a demolished property in lower Manhattan, the location of the second file. Caskett are close to finding the safe when an unexpected and uninvited visitor — Cole Maddox — shows up.

Tying them up in the bathroom, Maddox goes to retrieve the file from the safe before coming back to finish what he started. Struggling to free themselves, and with no luck, Castle grouches, “If we get murdered right now, I’d feel so ripped off.” Kate agrees and Rick interjects that he wished they had been together four years ago.

It’s Esposito to the rescue and he, of course, overhears the last part of the conversation. But Beckett and Castle are still keeping mum. They have bigger problems to solve.

1. Rise and Shine, Crime-Fighting Lovers!

Kate Beckett re-enters the bedroom, clad only in Castle’s white button-down and not much else. With sex-hair and two cups of coffee in tow, Beckett locks eyes with Castle, and Rick looks like a kid in a candy store.

Reassuring him that last night was not a dream, Beckett slides onto the bed and hands him a mug. But Castle has no interest in the coffee. He wants to make sure Beckett’s emotionally-charged near-death experience and recent resignation weren’t the only reasons she came knocking on Castle’s door. And we do too. We love them too much for this to be a one-night stand.

She's totally on board. He’s in. And with a unanimous “good,” Caskett is a go!

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