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Castle Season 5: Which Storyline Are You Most Looking Forward to?

Forget the lights and camera! It was all about the action in Monday’s Season 5 opener of Castle that answered two of the biggest questions since the show first premiered — when will the Caskett sexcapade go down, and who is really behind the death of Beckett’s mom?

Fans were treated to the former during Season 4’s finale ep, when Beckett stumbled up to Castle’s door, all wet (literally) and bothered, with a “I seriously almost died and I don’t want to wait any longer” hookup that made us all do a happy dance in front of our television sets. But we were left wondering all summer if those few minutes were a dream or if it would even last. Much to our satisfaction, it was definitely real. And we can only hope that Caskett's new secret romance will give us some stolen kisses and a much-anticipated “round four.”

On a less affectionate, yet equally thrilling note, Beckett comes face-to-face with the man who ordered the hit on her and her mother — Senator Bracken. Even though she had a clear opportunity to end this once and for all, Beckett vowed to get justice another way and spared his life. With one pistol-whip to the face, she sent him on his way for what is sure to provide an epic storyline with many twists and turns, in true Castle fashion.

So Castle fanatics, what do you think? Are you all hyped about how Beckett’s going to kick ass and take names for the sake of justice, or are you only about the Caskett dynamic?

All about Caskett!

Who cares about Caskett? Let's see some crime solving!

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09.26.2012 / 11:30 PM EDT by Alana McMillan
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