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How Will Daniel Grayson Be Affected By the Plane Crash in Revenge’s Season 1 Finale?

Daniel Grayson’s return home to the Hamptons in the Season 1 pilot of Revenge caused quite a stir. With the prodigal son back to help take over the Grayson Global and live the life of privilege he was meant to, everything seemed right in the Grayson world.

That is, until Emily Thorne hit the scene. Much to the dismay of Daniel’s ice-cold mother, Victoria Grayson, Daniel quickly fell for this mysterious newcomer, and the two eventually announced their engagement.

Throughout the course of Season 1, we saw Daniel’s allegiance turn from his mother and her divorce to his father and Grayson Global. His shifting loyalties caused a major disruption at Grayson Manor, with his desperate mother constantly calling for his support. Unfortunately, the last words Daniel spoke to his mother were to lash out in anger.

The young heir was hell-bent on keeping his mother from testifying against the company he was set to inherit. But she was ready to reveal the truth about David Clarke’s case after years of lies and betrayal.

So she boarded the infamous plane headed for DC to reveal a 17-year-old secret. But the flight never left the ground. Reports of a plane explosion reached Daniel’s younger sister, Charlotte, in the Season 1 finale, causing her to down a bottle of pills.

Charlotte’s recovery and continued struggle with addiction will play a big part in her storyline come Season 2, but apart from the occasional dinner party, we rarely see the two together enough for it to truly affect Danny.

From the spoiler clip of Episode 1, “Destiny,” we see Daniel “dealing” with his grief over his seemingly lost mother. He does this with a glass of hard liquor in a dark room.

“Directly or indirectly, what happened to her, that’s on both of us,” he laments to his father.

We’re not sure if this will cause Danny to go off the deep end, but with his new lady friend, Ashley Davenport, at the wheel, chances are he’ll stick with the company (and his trust fund).

How do you think Daniel will deal with the loss of his mother in Season 2? Tell us in the comments below!

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09.26.2012 / 03:02 AM EDT by Rachel McRady
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