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Dancing With The Stars

Kirstie Alley Won’t Eat DWTS Craft Services: Report

We've seen some of the junk Dancing With the Stars pros eat and still manage to be super-fit. When you're on the DWTS diet — dancing an average of six hours a day — you can burn off about 7,500 calories a week, which means you can eat just about anything and at least maintain weight, if not still lose it.

Kirstie Alley is always trying to lose weight — recently sort of joking about wanting to be a size zero. She's not content to just dance on Season 15 All-Stars and eat whatever DWTS offers for food. According to TMZ, Kirstie refuses to eat the show's craft service food and has the crew bring in her custom-designed Organic Liaison diet program.

If this is true, it's good to see her being disciplined with her diet, but it's also probably for professional reasons. Much was made of Kirstie's reported 100 pound weight loss, which she claims was helped through the weight-loss product she promotes, Organic Liaison.

A lawsuit was filed back in July by a frustrated product user who claimed Kirstie and the supplement maker engaged in “healthy deception” to sell the product, arguing that Kirstie lost all her weight from extreme training on DWTS, paired with a low-calorie diet.

Kirstie recently said she was entering All-Stars minus 10 more pounds she had lost after completing DWTS Season 12. So that would suggest she didn't need the intense exercise to keep going. Maybe the program does work for her and just didn’t help the lady who is suing. Either way, we'll take whatever she leaves at the DWTS craft services table!

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Source: TMZ

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