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8 Most Shocking Moments From Castle Season 5, Episode 1: “After the Storm”

It’s finally OK to breathe now. Castle’s Season 5, Episode 1: “After the Storm” took us on a rollercoaster of emotions, from unadulterated joy to nerve-ending suspense in what is sure to be the first of many “hang on to the edge of your seat” episodes. But through the ups and downs, fans were treated (and at times, not so much) to some moments that made us go “No, you didn’t!” Oh yes, they did.

Take a look below for the episode biggest shockers that surely got you talking the next morning!

8. Alexis Castle Gets Drunk!

Our resident goody two-shoes downs way too many drinks at a high school graduation party and has the lousy hangover to prove it. Is this wild side just the beginning for the freshman who will be college-bound soon? Remember, she did refuse a drink offered by the bartender in the very first ep, because she wasn’t old enough. My, how times have changed.

7. Ryan and Esposito Are Still at Odds!

Esposito and Ryan may have been seen working on the same team this go-around, but tensions were still sky-high between the two. Esposito can’t get over the fact that his temporary suspension was indirectly caused by his former friend’s “Judas”-like betrayal, when Ryan informed Gates of the (botched) plan to take out Maddox. Espo’s gun-pointing at Ryan (granted, everyone thought Ryan was an intruder coming after Beckett) only further implies these two have a heck of a lot to work out.

6. Cole Maddox Goes Boom!

First, he shoots Beckett in the chest. Then he throws Beckett off a roof, leaving her literally hanging for her life. But it’s Cole Maddox whose number is up when he removes the file from the safe, setting off a bomb. Guess he won’t be putting “Beckett in the ground once and for all.”

Credit: Vivian Zink/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

5. Captain Montgomery’s File Was Destroyed … Twice!

Cole Maddox managed to beat, literally, the first file out of Mr. Smith and set it on fire. But smarty-pants Smith is far too clever to keep just one copy of the sensitive information that could crush the person behind this all. However, Maddox wasn’t the only thing that went kaboom — the second file and all of its top-secret glory blew up with it. Now, all that’s left are shreds that can possibly be put back together by our crime-fighting quad. Anyone have some tape?

4. Mr. Smith Refuses to Help Beckett!

The man was put through torture by Maddox, but when he finds out the second file has been blown up, he doesn’t even hesitate in announcing that he only owed Montgomery, not Beckett. So no file, no testifying — but at least he’s still alive. Maybe he’ll change his mind.

3. Mr. Smith Is Dead!

Oops, we spoke too soon. But is anyone else puzzled at how soon his storyline ended? He was the only person who fully knew the extent of the Dragon’s incriminating past, and Beckett’s viable chance at justice for her mother. Just as we are about to dig a little deeper into the backstory of a criminal, it's lights out for Smith. So many questions, not enough answers.

Credit: Vivian Zink/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

2. Senator Bracken Is the Dragon!

Season 5 has a new bad guy and his name is Senator William Bracken. After discovering the hidden bank account Bracken used to funnel dirty money, we learn that it is, indeed, Bracken who was behind Johanna Beckett’s murder and called the hit on Beckett herself. She even came face to face with the sleazy politician, but vowed to take him out the ethical way, thereby not sinking to his level. You’re a better person than us, B.

1. Not Even One Caskett Kiss?!

Admit it, how many times did you yell at your television when Castle and Beckett tried to lock lips, only to have someone walk in the room or knock on the door? Yeah, us too.

Dear Castle writers,

Please give us the hot, steamy, smoldering kiss we’ve all been dying for. Thanks!


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