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Gossip Girl

Ed Westwick “Just Owned” Chuck Bass’s Look: Producers Gush on Season 5 DVD Extras

Oh, Chuck Bass.

Throughout the years, he’s provided us with some of the most entertaining moments on TV. And we’re not just talking about his zany antics, scandalous hook-ups, or questionable morals. Nope. This time, we’re talking about the outfits he wears on Gossip Girl.

Do you remember his orange overcoat? Aubergine pants? Don’t forget all of the ascots, ties, and pocket scarfs in completely insane prints. Our favorite? The short-shorts he sported in a 2008 episode.

So. Much. Leg.

We aren’t the only ones having fun with Chuck’s style. In the Season 5 DVD set, producer Stephanie Savage talks about her love for the man behind the Sperrys, Mr. Ed Westwick himself.

Steph explains, “One of the things that just made me love Ed Westwick forever is, in Season 1 we had an episode where Chuck and Nate were playing basketball.” She continues,

[I love him because] he was wearing like a crazy tank top and sweatbands on his wrists and around his head and the way that Ed just owned it and was like ‘That’s right, I’m wearing sweatbands and wristbands and what are you gonna do about it? I’m Chuck Bass.’ It just made me feel like we totally knew who that character was and that we could be really brave with what we put on him.

So what’s next for Chuck? This promises to be a dramatic final season and we can’t wait to see what he’ll tie on as the show signs off. (More short-shorts please!)

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09.27.2012 / 05:25 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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