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Revenge Season 2: Will Emily Thorne Be More Dedicated to Finding Her Mother or Taking Down the Graysons?

When we first met Emily Thorne on Revenge, she was a lovely young woman with a mean right hook and a thirst for vengeance. In Season 1, she had the Grayson family in her crosshairs and her red Sharpie poised for destruction, but the times, they are a-changin’, folks!

In last season’s gasp-worthy finale, we learned that Emily’s mother is alive and not-so-well — and the Graysons and terrorist group Americon Initiative know she’s out there.

But will Em’s quest for her long-lost mother take precedence over her plans for the Grayson’s destruction? All signs point to yes.

Season 2 is all about the maternal bonds that link Emily and Kara Wallace Clarke together. In the third promo for Episode 1, “Destiny,” Ems reveals to Nolan that her priorities “have shifted.”

The Graysons move to the back burner for now while Emily searches for answers — and hopefully some closure. Since this is Revenge, chances are she’ll never get any, but we’re rooting for her all the same.

Show creator Mike Kelley revealed that the major themes surrounding the show this year are fate and destiny. One of Emily’s mains concerns is that her mother’s own mental illness could have been passed on to her.

The only thing she remembers about her mother is that she was sick until her supposed death. The illness Ems remembers could have been mental, which leads us to believe that when she finally finds mommy dearest, their reunion could be less than heartfelt.

So will Emily be more dedicated to finding her mother this season or to taking down the Graysons? Tell us what you think below!

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