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Booth and Brennan’s Top 3 Most Adorable Moments of Season 8, Episode 3 “The Partners in the Divorce”

Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) are the cutest duo ever even cuter than Baby Christine or Beyonce’s Blue Ivy. These two have been toying with our emotions for eight long seasons, and now that they're finally shacked up, the adorable moments just can't stop, won't stop.

Sure, B&B were at each other's throats during this week's dramatic episode, but that didn't prevent them from doing what they do best: Making us go "awwww" and drown our loneliness in Cheetos. Check out the top 3 cutest Booth and Brennan moments of Bones Season 8, Episode 3 "The Partners in the Divorce!"

1. Brennan Reveals Her Secret Life as a Pancake Maker, Booth Is Appalled

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Bad news, bears. Turns out Brennan's blonde wig is even more sinister than we thought. While affixed to Brennan's head, this nest of platinum horror took control of her body and forced her to do plebeian tasks like make pancakes. You know, mere mortal-style.

The upshot? Brennan's flirtation with quaint peasant life made for a completely adorable moment between her and Booth. Yes, she was a little snarky about breakfast, and yes she was wearing a folksy hieroglyphic apron –– but we love seeing these two in domestic bliss, even when they're fighting!

2. Brennan and Booth Kiss Passionately After Making Farting Jokes

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You guys, we're so worried. Why? Because Booth made a farting joke and it was actually kind of adorable. We know, we know, we're concerned about ourselves as well.

It's like, first we developed a fetish for novelty socks, then we started thinking "manger births" were a viable option for pregnant ladies, then our washing machines were violated, and now we think farting is sexy. Do you see what you're doing to us, Booth and Brennan?

3. Booth Prevents Brennan From Falling Head First Into a Bloody Tube

Credit: Adam Taylor/Patrick McElhenney/FOX ©2012 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

Ladies, you know you've found a keeper when your man is willing to hold onto your ankles as you dive into a bloody garbage shoot. Booth and Brennan might have spent this week's episode arguing about pancakes and "feelings," but when push came to shove, Booth proved how deep his love for Brennan runs. By saving her life. Again.

Call us crazy, but these two totally had a moment while Brennan and her jumpsuit were hanging in that plastic inner tube. It was just like a romantic waterpark adventure, only full of blood and human remains!

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