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Castle Season 5 Spoiler: Have We Seen the Last of Senator Bracken? Andrew Marlowe Says …

On Monday night's Season 5 opener of Castle, Kate Beckett finally got what she's wanted ever since that fateful winter day in 1999 — to confront the Dragon behind her mother's murder.

But when the dogmatic detective stood face-to-face with Senator William H. Bracken — the man who ordered the hit on Johanna Beckett — she chose justice over vengeance, vowing to take him down the ethical way.

Although she temporarily won back her safety — and subsequently, a big piece of her life — the man behind Johanna'a brutal murder is still out there, living and breathing without consequence. Beckett may not be looking over her shoulder as much, but the threat is still there. And according to show creator Andrew Marlowe, we haven't seen the last of Senator Bracken.

"I think that she's watching him," he revealed in an interview with TV Guide, reminding us that Beckett doesn't have a whole lot of incriminating evidence on the congressman. "Everything she said is basically a bluff. All she has is tiny, little pieces of paper that don't amount to anything. So, she's bluffed her way to this moment to protect herself."

What happens when Senator Bracken calls Beckett's bluff? Marlowe says to expect a collision.

"These uncomfortable détentes can only last so long until there's a flashpoint that brings people back into a collision course. We have not seen the last of Sen. Bracken," he warned.

The mystery surrounding Johanna Beckett's death may be gone, but the story is far from over. Are you excited to see how it ends?

Source: TV Guide

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