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The Bachelorette

Happy Birthday Michelle Money! 10 Reasons We Love You

Michelle Money sure made an impression on us during her stints on The Bachelor Season 15 and Bachelor Pad Season 2. Since today is Michelle’s birthday, we wanted to write her a little card. So, here are ten reasons we think you’re worth celebrating.

Dear Michelle,
We love you. Here’s why:

1. You are hilarious. Without you on season 15 of The Bachelor, we might have been bored. Thanks to your vim and verve, we were always entertained.

2. You are drop dead gorgeous. You’re even beautiful when you cry, which is frankly just unfair.

3. You tell it like it is. You once said “I feel like there are very few women here. Brad is a man babysitting a bunch of little girls.” Some may have taken that as bitchy. We took it as bitchy and amazing.

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4. Your eyebrows. Just, give them to us. Literally take them off your face and mail them to our office. We need to copy your arches.

5. You seem like you’d be really fun to get a drink with. Seriously, if you say such amazing things while sober (well, relatively), we know we’d be thrilled to hear the stuff that comes out of your mouth when you’re good and liquored up.

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6. You’re an entrepreneur. We wish you infinite success and a million magical Money Makeovers in your new salon.

7. You craft. We want to make ridiculous costumes and insane hats with you. Again, wine should probably be involved.

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8. You seem like a really good mom. We hope you raise Brielle to be as ambitious and honest as you are.

9. You want other people to be beautiful too — inside and out, apparently. So, good on you for that. It’s nice to hear that you’re confident enough to know that other people can look and feel good too (even though we all know you’ll still be the hottest).

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10. Graham Bunn. That man is beautiful and amazing and you guys were great as partners on BP2 and now you fight cancer together, which is pretty much the best thing you can partner up to do.

Have a happy happy birthday, Michelle Money.


09.28.2012 / 11:32 PM EDT by Julia Wayne
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