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Hunger Games Casting Rumor Roundup: Who Will Be in Catching Fire? (UPDATE)

As anyone who has read the Hunger Games trilogy knows, the world of Panem is expansive, and the cast will just get bigger in the second film, Catching Fire.

So, who has been cast? Who's being considered? And which characters are still totally up in the air? We've rounded up all the biggest Catching Fire casting news here.

Plutarch Heavensbee: Cast! The new Capitol Gamemaker, Plutarch Heavensbee, will be played by none other than Oscar-winner Philip Seymour Hoffman. Awesome.

Wiress: Cast! The shy, somewhat unstable Wiress will be played by Amanda Plummer, Lionsgate announced on July 17. The Pulp Fiction actress will help Katniss navigate the arena as the former District 3 champion.

Johanna Mason: Cast! Jena Malone has scored the role of Johanna Mason. Hope she's polishing up on her axe-wielding skills!

Mags: Cast! Broadway star Lynn Cohen will play 80-year-old Mags. Though she won't have many lines, the character is a crucial one, so we're glad it's in the hands of Miranda’s nanny from Sex and the City.

Finnick Odair: Cast! English actor Sam Claflin emerged from the flurry of casting rumors with the role of Finnick, a District 4 tribute in the 75th Hunger Games.

Brutus: Cast! Though there were rumors that Unstoppable's Victor Gojcaj, Lost's Kevin Duran and WWE star Kevin Nash were vying for the part, the role of this brawny former champion from District 2 officially went to Sons of Anarchy and Prison Break vet Bruno Gunn.

Beetee: Cast! Veteran actor Jeffrey Wright will play "Volts," the electronics expert from District 3.

Seeder: Cast! Vampire Diaries guest star Maria Howell has signed on to play Seeder, a former Hunger Games winner from District 11.

Enobaria: Cast! Meta Golding is a lock for the role of Enobaria, a ruthless, slightly unhinged former Hunger Games victor from District 2.

Gloss: Cast! David Beckham look-alike Alan Ritchson will play Gloss, one half of a formidable sibling duo from District 1.

Cashmere: Cast! The Last Song's Stephanie Leigh Schlund will play the other half of District 1's brother-sister pair.

Additional casting: James Logan (District 5 tribute); Ivette Li-Sanchez (District 5 tribute); Justin Hix (District 6 tribute); Megan Hayes (District 6 tribute); Bobby Jordan (Blight); John Casino (Woof); Elena Sanchez (Cecelia); Daniel Bernhardt (District 9 tribute); Marian Greene (District 9 tribute); Jackson Spidell (District 10 tribute); Tiffany Waxler (District 10 tribute)

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09.28.2012 / 03:06 AM EDT by Rebecca Martin
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