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Revenge Season 2 Spoiler: Who Is the Dead Body Underwater in the Opening Scene of Episode 1, “Destiny”? (VIDEO)

OK Revengers, we were going to keep this a secret until Sunday’s premiere of Revenge Season 2, but it seems that ABC wants you to get an advanced look at the first 7 minutes of “Destiny.”

Hey, we’re not complaining!

In the opening scene, we see an underwater excursion involving a search team. Amidst Emily Thorne’s opening quote, someone radios in saying, “Looks like some kind of fire or explosion brought her down. This wasn’t an accident.”

No, they’re not talking about the plane explosion that supposedly killed Victoria Grayson and Lydia Davis — this is a new “big event.”

We see the diver pick up a framed photograph of the Porter boys and our stomachs twist in a knot. Could the Stowaway’s owners be gone for good?

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Then he uncovers the captain’s compass that Emily Thorne gave Jack Porter last season.

Up next, we see what appears to be a male’s dead hand covered in dirt. Say it isn’t so! If you look closer, you see that the hand appears to have a wedding ring on it. It’s connected to a tattered white formal shirt, but we don’t see who the arm belongs to.

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Next, the diver shines a light on Jack Porter’s boat, “The Amanda,” lying at the bottom of the ocean. Things aren’t looking good for the eldest Porter, but we know from last season’s beach murder scene that first impressions aren’t always how they appear.

We doubt they’d take out Jack, especially since the show’s creators have talked about eventually hooking him up with Ems.

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We did hear that there’s a mysterious wedding this season. Could the dead body be the groom? According to executive producer Melissa Loy, we’ll have to wait until Episode 14 to find out who that arm belongs to, but we’re still freaking out just the same.

Do you think it’s actually Jack? Watch the video and weigh in below!

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09.28.2012 / 11:46 PM EDT by Rachel McRady
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