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Sneak Peeks and Spoiler Roundup For Castle Season 5, Episode 2: “Cloudy With a Chance of Murder”

Following Castle's very satisfactory Season 5 premiere, "After the Storm" — Castle and Beckett woke up in bed together and we almost still can't believe it! — we're itching for more Caskett. And if this week's sneak peek clips are any indication, that's exactly what we're going to get.

But, as show creator Andrew Marlowe has promised, it won't be entirely smooth sailing for the mystery writer and his detective lady …

Castle and Beckett took their relationship from platonic to, well, not platonic, over the course of one steamy, passion-filled night. You know what they say — when it rains it pours! But now that the storm has passed, how will Castle and Beckett handle their relationship, especially when they're trying to keep it a secret?

Credit: Vivian Zink/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

It won't always be pretty, as we learned from this week's promo. Castle finds himself in a compromising position with a sexy, bikini-clad TV reporter after he and Beckett begin investigating the death of a veteran weather girl. Even worse? Beckett barges in on them! Together! On the couch! This can't be good …

Although Marlowe has assured us it's not what it seems — Castle is simply keeping up the charade that he's single — Beckett won't be pleased. We love us some jealous Kate, but we're concerned she may have doubts about Castle's ability to stay faithful.

Meanwhile, everyone at the 12th precinct is starting to sense something different about our crime-solving pair, especially Lanie, who can spot Beckett's sex glow a mile away. And then there's the drama between Ryan and Esposito, which will not be resolved until Episode 3.

But there is a silver lining to all of this, and that's the knowledge that Castle and Beckett are sleeping together! And waking up together. And getting ready for work together. What happens when Becks asks her man if he likes her outfit? He says no, just so she'll take it off. Sigh … men.

Looks like Kate decides on the classic white button down and blue trench, but her outfit can't conceal her inner glow. At the crime scene, Lanie notices something different about her best friend, but Beckett brushes her off. After all, there's a murder to solve — single GSW and signs of a struggle point to a mugging gone wrong.

But this is Castle, and we know better. Let's just hope Ryan and Esposito can put their drama aside for the sake of their jobs. Speaking of Espo, looks Gates caved and returned his badge. Maybe she has a heart after all?

At the morgue, Lanie continues questioning Beckett about her glow. "You're having sex," she says. "Who's the guy?" Yeah, Beckett. Who is he?

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Castle will be getting any sex after what happens next …

A lead takes Castle and Beckett to a local TV news station where a sexy TV reporter named Kristina puts the moves on our ruggedly handsome mystery writer. When he agrees to appear on her show, Beckett turns all shades of green. Thankfully, we know this floozy isn't a real threat … but something tells us Beckett won't be so sure!

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