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True Blood

Alexander Skarsgard Talks Fifty Shades of Grey, Says He’s Attracted to “Darkness”

True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard has been skirting around the topic of playing Fifty Shades of Grey’s Christian for months, but he admits that he loves playing dark characters.

"It is about a man on the way to see this girl. I just love that there's a lot of tension there,” he told DMS Productions in reference to his Calvin Klein Encounter fragrance campaign film.“First you thinks she almost looks scared at the beginning, but then she buzzes him in when he shows up. So in a way, I don't know if he's in control or if she's like a black widow, pulling him in."

In some ways, the Encounter short film draws parallels to Fifty Shades. Like Ana, Lara Stone’s character is scared and tries to walk away at first, but in the end, she succumbs to the dark, powerful man before her. And that hint of darkness is what Alex loves about it.

"When we shot the actual campaign, it was also very dark. I should probably talk to my shrink about that, but there's something about that darkness that I'm attracted to, I guess,” he admitted with a laugh. “I think that's why I felt that I was intrigued by this. It has something that stuff I've been approached with before hasn't had: a depth and a mystery."

But as for actually playing Christian Grey, he has to connect with the character. And to do that, he has to read the books first!

"For me, step one is always you know, you read the material, and you're either excited or you're not. You either connect … you're intrigued by the character or you're not. And before you've done that, you can't say you're excited or dismiss something,” he said. “And I haven't read the books, either, so all I know is that they're very, very popular, obviously!"

Someone ship Alexander the trilogy ASAP! Maybe it will only take one chapter to convince him.

Do you think that the Encounter campaign is a lot like Fifty Shades of Grey? Watch his interview below and then tell us what you think!

Source: DMS Productions

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