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America's Next Top Model

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 19, Episode 6 Recap: Angry Birds, Angry Models, Angry Judges

Someone call Victoria Henley’s mom and share the good news! Our quirky obsession survived the goth Victorian steampunk circus shoot and apparently won’t be arrested for killing her fake boyfriend after America's Next Top Model Cycle 19, Episode 6: “The Girl Who Gets Pwn’d.” Now we just have to make sure she starts eating and doesn’t completely fall apart next week.

This week, it was like Harry Potter's Hogwarts Express took over ANTM and traveled from Platform 9 3/4 to Portlandia so they could get all artsy and put a bird on it. It worked. This was one of the season’s better shoots — so far — along with the black-and-white nude pics with Rob Evans. You could make best photo arguments for several models, especially when you add in the photos that were taken by the girls who were already eliminated but still hope to come back later in the season. Like Leila Goldkuhl, whose name was invoked so many times it became the new “Beetlejuice” — say it enough times and maybe she’ll just appear. (We wish!)

Groovy the amazing owl should’ve won best photo herself — taking Victoria with her to The Tyra Suite so they could bond over saving all those imaginary abused animals — but instead it went to Laura James, for her second win. Yeah, yeah, yeah, she did earn it. That shot! It was gorgeous and deserved 10s from all the judges. Yvonne Powless was the obvious choice to take the Hogwarts Express home, and chances are good her farewell spell was permanent.

Credit: Patrick Wymore/The CW    

As expected, last week’s winner, Nastasia Scott, picked Kiara Belen to hang out with her in The Tyra Suite. Meanwhile, Laura — who caused a fuss last week when she picked Kristin Kagay for the Tyra Suite over Leila — has decided she’s over all the girl drama that she basically started herself.

Last week, BryanBoy cried for Leila, who was his favorite model. Same here, papi! But Brittany Brown did not appreciate it. She was offended that Bryanboy openly favored Leila over her. Brittany is one of the new frontrunners (at least to us) and that’s probably what she should focus on at this point. Kristin said she’s glad Leila is gone because Leila was a major competitor. Now she’s just worried that Leila will come back. We’re just worried Kristin will never leave.

Victoria said Yvonne just didn’t seem to be that into the competition. She was shown talking on the phone to someone — maybe Victorias mom, ‘cause where else could she be? — about how the models are just “products” not people. It sucks. It’s intense. It’s negative things.

Rob Evans and John Legend’s fiancee, model Chrissy Teigen, introduced the challenge. The models got to dress up in funky striped suits and do special stunt moves to become video game characters. Kristin declared Laura to be her biggest competition, which could lead to a blonde vs. blonde friends to enemies conversion. That could be fun. The challenge judges said Kristin did a great job. Victoria did great acting but had bad physical skills that made them laugh. (Leave her alone!) They loved Brittany and felt she perfectly embodied the character. The winning taunt went to … Laura. Love her or dislike her, she’s on fire right now. She gets to be in the video game. After the challenge, Crissy talked to them about the importance of social media and making light of negative stuff. Joke with your haters! Make them love you! Or just block them.

Credit: Patrick Wymore/The CW    

Nastasia Scott had the bottom of the barrel challenge score, slightly above Victoria and then Allyssa Vuelma. Not good. Love both Nastasia and Victoria. Kristin was second best, after Laura, followed by Brittany. Brittany was very frustrated and annoyed about not winning. She’s coming off as a little too Type A and...

Mrs. Henley is back on the phone! Thank heaven! It’s been two episodes since we’ve heard from her. “I miss our conversations and our country cooking together,” Victoria said. Same here. We thought she’d abandoned us.

They had a steampunk photoshoot with a temperamental co-star. Janice Dickinson? Nope. It was Groovy the owl! Kristin was freaked out by the owl, which was great. Team Owl. Laura went for a “crazy Mad Hatter” vibe and she really was fantastic. Bryanboy loved every shot. He said she nailed them like a machine gun. Brittany decided to talk to Bryanboy about how he favored Leila. They made up. Brittany’s shot was intense and very un-Disney — in a good way! Johnny Wujek went on again about Nastasia having issues projecting height. Come on! Her photo was one of the best — especially at showcasing the clothes. The owl took a crap during Allyssa's shoot. Such a diva.

Kiara noted how much Yvonne was complaining about everything. Long days, etc. Yvonne’s shoot was so blah. No energy. All attitude. She got into a spat with Bryanboy. Sometimes we side with the models, sometimes the judges. This time, Yvonne was just too obviously not wanting to be there. She should’ve just quit to save room for someone else. Afterward, she felt bad and realized she had overreacted. She had a tearful moment with Bryanboy, telling him she didn’t want him to think she was evil. She’s not evil! Just wrong for what the show wants from its modelstants.

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Victoria came up with a whole backstory for her character: “My boyfriend is the head of a traveling circus and I’m upset by some of the ways that the animals are being treated, but he’s very cruel to the animals. I’m also an animal rights activist. Well, he ends up cheating on me, so I kill him and set all of the animals free and then Groovy and I are just standing there and having our moment.” Um. Water for Elephants meets Thelma and Louise? This could be why Vic is single.

Models listed in order from highest to lowest scores, from the challenge, judges’ photo shoot scores and social media.

1. Laura — Rob said it was a really strong picture. She’s like a sponge, absorbing info. Tyra said it was crazy — ugly pretty/pretty ugly! Bryanboy said everyone was wowed by the photo.

2. Brittany — Kelly said she’s such a pretty girl in front of her but she didn’t like the shot. Rob disagreed — go Rob! — he thought this was an amazing, mesmerizing shot. Tyra said she’s a proud big sister to Brittany. With more shots like this, Brittany can create a brand. Brittany impressed Bryanboy this week and the fans did too. She’s the star of the week. Eat it, Kelly!

3. Allyssa — Rob said her face and legs were awkward. Kelly thought this was one of her better proportions. She loved her body. Bryanboy said she’s kind of middle of the road. Tyra said she wishes she had Kristin’s head on Allyssa’s body. Some fan at home said her face was dead.

4. Kristin — Kelly said her eyes were a little squinty but her face was “strikingly beautiful.” The rest of the shot “you look like a waitress in an Oktoberfest.” Bryanboy said her fans were going away, which showed that no one is safe in this competition. Rob said they’ve been getting the same thing from her every week. (Yep.)

5. Kiara — Kelly said Kiara’s face looked stuck with no energy. “And frankly you look liked a 32-year-old woman.” Ouch? Rob liked the photo. He liked her legs. She looked 6’3.” (Agreed.) Tyra liked it too. Bryanboy said Kiara has always impressed him but people on social media are sick of what she’s giving. Some girl online said Kira looks like a man with makeup. Not true.

6. Nastasia — Kelly said her body didn’t look long, she didn’t have great model proportions and her face looked sad. (DISAGREE.) Tyra said her photo was absolutely beautiful, but she does look short. Bryanboy said Nastasia is gaining momentum. (Woo hoo!) Bryanboy said she could be the one to watch. Rob called her photo “average.”

Credit: The CW    

Oh they had better not eliminate our Queen Vic, especially not after Yvonne’s attitude and LeilaGate. Her photo was great. She has not “lost her fire,” as the judges said. Let us vote, we’ll tell you!

Victoria — Tyra thought she could do a lot better. She remembered the naked shot with Rob that everyone loved, and she doesn’t see that girl here. Kelly didn’t agree. (Fight!) She could use this shot for a client. Rob said it was far too safe a shot. Bryanboy said her scores are going down online. People are forgetting about her. Poor Vic. Kelly said she loves how Victoria accepts criticism. She got a higher score for that.

Yvonne — Kelly said it wasn’t head to toe working for her. Rob said she’s pretty and she could do so much more than this. Bryanboy said people loved her in the beginning but over time they are going away. And it’s not like people at home know about her frustrated, tired attitude. She apologized again at panel. Nothing she said during the shoot matters as much as her shot being so blah. Didn’t anyone see that?

Little over one point separated Vic and Yvonne. Why do they leave these things up to social media? Just announce the obvious instead of copping out.

Eliminated: Yvonne. As it should be. Or do you disagree? Are you now worried about whatever Victoria drama was hinted to in the preview for next week?

Catch the next episode of America's Next Top Model Cycle 19: College Edition on Friday, October 5 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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