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The Bachelorette

Jef Holm’s Ex Girlfriend: We Were Still Together When He Left for The Bachelorette

Ready for a huge plate of drama with a steaming side of sad faces? Spoiler source Reality Steve has made good on his promise to publish a series of emails between himself and Jef Holm's ex-girlfriend, Kaylee Shepherd, and the results are jaw-dropping.

Credit: Kaylee Shepherd's Google site    

Not only does Kaylee reveal that Jef stone-cold rejected her to go on TV, she admits that they were dating for a whopping eight months! "I dated Jef Holm the last 8 months before he went on the show," Kaylee writes, "We left on good terms but he also told me he was going just for fun and he’d call me as soon as he got back…things have obviously changed haha."

Apparently, poor Kaylee was hopeful that Jef would get in touch as soon as he was eliminated, and she kept checking in with Reality Steve for updates. In April, Steve told Kaylee that Jef had made it to the hometown dates, and she responded "We never technically broke up. He just said he was going for fun. I’ve been checking your site everyday for weeks to see if I could figure out if he was still there. I was wondering why I hadn’t heard from him yet."

Kaylee went on to tell Steve that she and Jef were "exclusive," and when she eventually learned that he had won, she wrote "I’m heartbroken and it’s going to be tough to watch, but I don’t think trying to get back at him and telling all his MANY secrets to the world is going to make me feel any better about it all. I don’t want to hurt him or myself."

Jef definitely has some explaining to do, but it's certainly possible that he and Kaylee had a misunderstanding about the terms of their relationship. Either way, we're sure Jef never meant to hurt this lovely lady!

Source: Reality Steve