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Lea Michele and Glee Stars Tweet Excitement Over Season 4, Episode 3: “Makeover”

Lea Michele (Rachel) and many of her Glee co-star took to Twitter on September 27 to sound off about the night’s Season 4, Episode 3: “Makeover.” Here’s a sample of everything that went down.

Darren Criss (Blaine) tweeted, “New episode tonight! Wish there was a superhero sidekick club when I was in high school... #glee” Oh, Darren. You have no idea how much longer we wish that scene could have been.


Glee writer Michael Hitchcock, who plays Gary on The New Normal and returned tonight to reprise his Season 1 role as rival glee club coach Dalton Rumba, tweeted, “Thank you for all your nice comments.#ScarletFever

He added, “Wish I could just stick to carrots and Shame Triscuits in real life. #JustAteAnEntirePizza

Fellow Glee writer Matthew Hodgson, who is rumored to be dating Naya Rivera (Santana), tweeted, “I hope everyone gives @hitchmichael a big standing ovation tonight. #daltonrumba#scarletfever #shametriscuit

Amber Riley (Mercedes) tweeted, “@hitchmichael you crack me up! So good tonight #GLEE” Michael replied, “well thank you Amber. You just made my day. :)"

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Lea Michele tweeted, “There's also a really fun duet that I got to do with @geyerdean in it. But make sure you tune into the last scene! It's a shocker!!!” And she wasn’t kidding about that shocker, was she?

Later, Lea tweeted, “No more knee socks and penny loafers... Rachel's getting a MAKEOVER!!!” Then soon after, “OMG THAT LAST SCENE WAS CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Glee creator Ryan Murphy tweeted, “Tonight SJP on Glee! And then...a preview of the best episode we have ever done.” Wait a second, “The Break-Up” is the BEST episode he’s ever done? Interesting choice of words...

Lea tweeted, “Finally in bed after a very long day. Hope u all enjoyed the episode tonight. Get ready 4 next week though. You're gonna need some tissues!”

Okay, guys. We think we get the picture. Next week = total emotional meltdown. We’ll start stocking up on tissues and 10-gallon tubs of ice cream right away.

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09.29.2012 / 12:16 AM EDT by Beth Douglass
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