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Revenge Season 2 Spoiler: The White-Haired Man Has a Name!

Toward the end of Revenge Season 1, we encountered one of the show’s most sinister villains yet, commonly referred to as the White-Haired Man. This angered albino murdered David Clarke in jail, and Emily Thorne wasn’t about to let him go unpunished.

She got within moments of killing him, but due to the love that David Clarke had instilled in her, Ems couldn’t go through with it. That left cotton top free to place some explosives in the cargo hold of Victoria Grayson’s plane, thus destroying any evidence that could have implicated Conrad Grayson in David’s case.

But that’s not the last we’ve seen of the WHM. According to TV Guide, we will learn something “very interesting” about him early on, and we’ll also learn a name!

Like an evil Mr. Big on Sex and the City, we’ve been desperate to hear this creepy bad guy’s real name since we met him.

Any guesses? Hopefully it’s more exciting than John James Preston. Tell us what you think below!

Source: TV Guide

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09.29.2012 / 02:30 AM EDT by Rachel McRady
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