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Sex and The (Glee) City: Classic SATC References in Season 4, Episode 3: “The Makeover”

We have a confession to make about Rachel Berry’s knee socks and deer-print sweaters and bedazzled headbands — we’re gonna miss them. If Rachel’s new look — courtesy of Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Sarah Jessica Parker’s handiwork on last night’s episode — is any indication, Rachel’s gonna be looking a lot more like, well, Lea Michele this season.

Considering Lea has mentioned that “it doesn’t get any better than” SJP, we’re betting it was quite the trip to traipse around with Carrie Bradshaw herself. Although the Sex and the City actress is making her appearance on Glee this season as Kurt’s mentor at, Isabelle, she is certainly not playing herself.

While we didn’t see Carrie B, what we did see last night — and have seen recently — are a few sneaky little Sex and the City references (including the pic Lea tweeted of herself looking very Carrie).

1. Sarah Jessica Parker. Yeah, yeah, we know. It’s not a SATC reference per se, but it’s SJP! While her character was fashionable and beautiful (just like Carrie), Isabelle is a far less confident version of the iconic Carrie. In fact, we didn’t see a single pair of Manolo Blahniks grace her petite little feet all episode.

2. The Rachel necklace. Okay, so she’s been wearing it for awhile now, but it is undeniably a direct nod to the “Carrie” necklace SJP wore on SATC.

3. The Vogue fashion closet. When Carrie Bradshaw starts writing a column for Vogue in season 4, her own mentor takes her into the accessories closet. On Glee, it is the site of Rachel’s magical makeover.

4. A brief moment on the brownstone steps. Brownstones are so New York City. On SATC, Carrie frequently had life-altering realizations (and kisses) while perched on the steps of hers. During Brochel’s dance about town, the two stop on some steps that look a whole lot like Carrie’s (whether it was life-altering remains to be seen).

5. The floor date — boxes and all. When Brody comes over to Rachel’s loft, the two sit on the floor for dinner, just like on the season 4 finale of SATC, when Carrie and Big sat amongst packing boxes (before Big ran off to Napa). Both couples ate pizza and drank wine.

And, most of all...

6. “Moon River.” Rachel opens the door to Brody (dang that boy is fine), and “Moon River” begins to play in the background. In the SATC moment, Big and Carrie have one last dance to the Henry Mancini classic.

Fun fact, did you know Matthew Morrison was in a Sex and the City episode? He played a busboy in Season 2. Although SJP isn’t filming in the same city as Mr. Shue, we get a kick out of the crossover.

We love the little moments that connect two of our favorite shows. As far as some nods between the two? We’d be okay if all the berets — Carrie’s and Rachel’s — were unflinchingly burned in effigy.

See any other similarities? We’re all ears.

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09.29.2012 / 02:49 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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