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Jersey Shore

Snooki’s Baby Weight Has Disappeared – Has She Already Reached Her Goal Weight?

Before Snooki got pregnant, she famously shrunk herself down to 98 pounds. But just a month or two later, she found out she was pregnant with baby Lorenzo. Now that she’s had a month to lose the baby weight, let’s check in and see how she’s doing.

Snooki has said that she gained 35 pounds while pregnant, which would put her at 133 at her heaviest. Early this month, the new mom said that she’d already lost 10 pounds, putting her at 123. That means that over three weeks ago, she had 21 more pounds to lose.

Since then, Snooki was given the green light to start exercising (something new moms have to postpone until their bodies are ready). And she’s been tweeting about her low-fat healthy diet, which includes turkey meatballs, lots of chicken and vegetables, and big Starbucks drinks. Not to mention breast-feeding, which Snooki says is helping her lose weight quickly.

Where has all that hard work gotten her today? We compared a photo of Snooks on September 17 (above left) to a photo taken on September 28. It’s clear, especially in her face and legs, that Snooki is losing weight at rapid-speed. She looks like she could be hovering within 10 pounds of her original “goal weight.”

Do you think she’s losing weight too quickly? Or do you just want to know her secrets?

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