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Once Upon a Time

10 Burning Questions From the Once Upon a Time Season 2 Premiere

We love all of Once Upon a Times many, many mysteries, but sometimes it seems like each episode introduces more questions than it answers. To that end, we’ve tackled the ten biggest questions from this week’s season premiere in order to make sense of everything that happened. Here are ten questions from Season 2, Episode 1: “Broken.”

1. So the “Mysterious Man” at the beginning of the episode is obviously Baelfire, right?
Wow, you’re certainly overconfident that you’ve figured out who this new New York-dwelling, rotary phone-using stranger is in the very first scene, aren’t you? And won’t you be red in the face when the stranger turns out to be someone entirely different, like, say, the shoemaker from “The Elves and the Shoemaker”? (You never know, right?)

But no, you’re probably right this has to be Baelfire, not Henry’s dad or anyone else. We’re, like, 86% sure. And 86% is a lot. (Or could he be Baelfire and Henry’s dad? Hmm. Still, we stick by that 86% thing. Because you can’t argue with math.)

Want more proof that this is Baelfire? Well, we don’t have proof we just have wild conjecture. So want some wild conjecture? Who wouldn’t! Well, the song playing as the New York stranger entered his apartment was “Charley’s Girl,” and the actress who plays Belle who is in love with Rumpelstiltskin played Claire on Lost, who was the girlfriend of (you guessed it!) Charlie. So there you go. (What did you not believe us when we said it was wild conjecture?)

2. So who wrote the postcard that said “broken” on it?
Who are we experts at analyzing handwriting? (Actually, we are experts at handwriting analysis. And you should know that the way you loop your j’s means that you’re... oh, nevermind.) But whoever sent that postcard is terrible at picking out postcards. Seriously who picks out the postcard that just has the name of the town written in big block letters? We’ve got news for you: That postcard is never going to get proudly displayed on anyone’s fridge.

But whoever sent the postcard had to know how to find our Mystery Man, and had to know that the curse was “broken.” So if the Mystery Man is in fact Baelfire, was the sender Gold? Well, it doesn’t seem like Gold knows where Baelfire went. And given that Prince Charming sent a carrier pigeon to Snow in Season 1, it’s possible that one of them sent this message, too.

Regardless, whoever sent this pigeon needs to learn that it’s a lot easier to send messages via the internet than via our feathered friends.

Also, did you notice that the horses in Central Park had the same logo on them as the horses in Fairytale Land? We’re looking forward to an episode that uses flashbacks from the horses’ point of view, Mr. Ed-style.

Credit: Jack Rowand/ABC    

3. Will Belle and Rumpelstiltskin end up together?
What kind of an idiotic question is that? Of course they will. The fact that Belle came back to him means they belong together, even though Gold is the kind of guy whom you would charitably refer to as a “project.”

Then again, it helps that neither of them really have a ton of other viable suitors, since Belle’s betrothed was turned into a flower (which is not the most manly way to go), while Gold is, y’know, despised by all of mankind. So there’s that.

4. Who the heck is Whale?
It’s official: We’re not the only ones wondering what this guy’s Fairytale Land identity is, as David asks him point-blank. (Why would David not know?) But of course, Whale evades answering it, just saying that David isn’t his Prince.

So we’re still left wondering who Whale’s counterpart is, along with why it is that Whale is no longer on Regina's side. Maybe Whale’s avoiding answering who his counterpart is because it’s someone embarrassing, like Chicken Little or something?

5. How long will Emma and Mary Margaret be stuck in Fairytale Land? How will they get back to Storybrooke? And will they use that broom to tidy up a little while they’re over there?
One question at a time, people! You know the rules! That said, we expect them to have plenty of time for bonding with Mulan and Aurora before they make their way back to Maine. As far as how they might get back, that leads us to our next question...

Credit: Jack Rowand/ ABC    

6. Does Emma have magic now? And if so, can she please not use her magic in lame ways like David Blaine always does?
Emma’s touch is what allows Regina to regain her powers in Storybrooke (thanks a lot, Emma!). So it seems reasonable that Emma won’t necessarily be able to do magic — that is, unless perhaps some kind of spirit guide helps her out but maybe she’s like an on-off switch for it? Kind of like the Clapper? (“Clap on, clap off...”)

And speaking of magic, did that purple cloud strike anyone else as some kind of special effect that you might see at a Prince concert? Like, as the purple smoke dissipated, we half-expected Prince to suddenly be standing in Storybrooke, all sexy and Prince-like. And maybe this is what Whale meant by David not being his “prince”? Whale is like, “You’re not my Prince and you don’t even know what it sounds like when doves cry.”

7. So how many wraiths were there? Just one? Or a bajillion?
Well, a bajillion isn’t a real number, is it? So your question doesn’t really make sense, does it?

But yes, there was only one wraith in the episode: Gold summoned it with his medallion, and the wraith tries to take Regina’s soul before it gets sucked into the portal and lands in Fairytale Land. Then, we see it wearing that same medallion, which Philip holds, getting himself marked for soul-suckage. Moral of the story: Don’t always grab things just because they’re shiny.

8. Is Philip dead, or is he just hanging out soul-free for a while?
Wouldn’t it be cool if Mulan and Aurora found a way to give Philip’s soul back to him, but it turned out that they accidentally gave him someone else’s soul, and then this show becomes like the movie Freaky Friday? Like, Philip ends up with the soul of a bratty, Lindsay Lohan-esque teenager who just wants to go to the mall and talk to boys all day? (By the way, does Fairytale Land have a mall? How do these people survive without Orange Julius?)

Credit: Jack Rowand/ ABC    

But no, Philip probably isn’t dead, since getting your soul sucked is worse than death and thus, not actual death. Plus, Philip is now on the World’s Softest Mattress, which Aurora was able to stay comfortable on for over a year, so Philip is probably in for a long rest as well. Let’s just hope that someone changes Philip’s clothes for him more often than Aurora’s clothes were changed while she was asleep. Don’t these people know that year-long naps make you sweaty?

9. Did Mulan and Philip get it on while Aurora was getting some shut-eye?
Hard to say if they actually got in on, but we’re thinking they definitely got it on in Mulan’s head. Let’s just say that the poor girl sorry, woman, to use Mulan’s word for herself has got it bad for Philip. Uh, not that we blame her, mind you.

10. Why didn’t Regina know who Jefferson is?
Who is she the Yellow Pages? She can’t remember everyone’s name, okay? (Then again, aren’t there only, like, twelve residents in all of Storybrooke?) So maybe we can just assume that Regina is more of a face person than a name person.

Or more likely, Regina’s still trying to pull a fast one on Emma, to keep Emma from realizing that she used Jefferson’s hat to help her bake that TMD (Turnover of Mass Destruction).

Catch the next new episode of Once Upon a Time on Sunday, October 7 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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