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Jersey Shore

Is JWOWW Unhappy With Her Engagement Ring?

Just because JWOWW’s engagement ring has over 7.5 carats of diamonds doesn’t mean it’s the one she wanted.

According to the New York Daily News, JWOWW told a reporter what she would love in an engagement ring before her official announcement last week.

“I love pink diamonds,” she said at the time. “I love princess cut.”

Maybe Roger could have used that information before buying JWOWW her pink-and-white-diamond ring, with its elaborate design and high-wattage shine. You see, the ring Roger gave JWOWW is cushion-cut. The main difference between the two shapes is the corners. Both are square-shaped, but a princess cut has sharp, clearly defined corners. The cushion cut has rounded corners. Snooki’s ring, which is reportedly half the price, has a princess cut diamond.

The NYDN also reports that, in the Jersey Shore Season 6 premiere (airing October 4), JWOWW is packing for the Shore and “asks her boyfriend Roger, ‘Where’s the ring?’” Since filming for Season 6 began in May, those rumors that JWOWW and Roger have been engaged for months might just be valid.

No matter what design JWOWW had her heart set on for the ring, we have a feeling she’s overjoyed just being able to wear it in public.

Jersey Shore Season 6 will premiere on Thursday, October 4 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

Source: New York Daily News

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