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Revenge Season 2 Spoiler: Who Beat Up Victoria Grayson? (PHOTO)

Victoria Grayson is back, y’all! And even those who never thought she was a goner were shocked to see the Ice Queen answer the log cabin door in last night’s Revenge Season 2 premiere.

But it seems the punches keep rolling (literally) with this new promo photo released by ABC. Vicky’s looking like Ems post White-Haired Man battle, aka a little rough around the edges.

The caption reads, “Victoria is bloodied and battered, but the question is who beat her up?”

The reigning monarch of the Hamptons always seemed more verbally vicious, but it appears that she’s been physically attacked. But who did it?

In the promo for Episode 2, “Resurrection,” we see her answer the door sans cuts to one vindictive Conrad Grayson, and later, she looks beaten and bruised when talking to Emily Thorne.

But is Conrad really one to get his hands dirty? Could these blemishes on Victoria’s otherwise flawless face be a result of her new partner in crime, the White-Haired Man?

It startles us to see her looking so injured, but this fabulous fugitive is so devious that she probably set up the whole thing to work in her favor. She did arrange for her own son to get a beatdown in jail just to get him out.

Who do you think beat up Victoria? Vote below!

She can hold her own.

What! No one better hurt our girl, Vicky!

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10.1.2012 / 09:30 PM EDT by Rachel McRady
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