Rosie Pierri Knows Fans Are “Disappointed” in Her Behavior, But Kathy Wakile Defends Her Sister’s Actions
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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Rosie Pierri Knows Fans Are “Disappointed” in Her Behavior, But Kathy Wakile Defends Her Sister’s Actions

Part one of The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 4 Reunion did not disappoint, and the housewives kept the drama going until the very end of the show.

Things took a really dark turn when the subject of the wives' parents came up and Teresa Giudice told her cousin Kathy Wakile that Tre’s mom had heard Richie and Kathy were getting a divorce.

When Kathy shot back and called Teresa’s mom a liar, things only escalated from there. After Kathy said that even Teresa’s father had ignored her, Tre claimed that her dad had been more of a dad to Kathy and her sister Rosie than their own father was (he has since passed away), and that’s when Kathy went nuts.

While Kath stayed firmly planted on the couch, pointing and yelling at Teresa, Kathy's sister Rosie was backstage in a rage, even threatening her cousin’s life for mentioning her deceased dad. “I will rip her f—ing head off,” Rosie screamed. “I mean it!”

“I don’t care if I get locked up, I’ll f—ing kill her,” Rosie continued.

Even Andy seemed shocked by Rosie’s outburst, but she has since taken to Twitter to defend her actions.

“I know some of u may be disappointed in my behavior however, MY DAD was & will ALWAYS be my SUPERMAN! I WILL PROTECT HIS HONOR ALWAYS! Nite,” Ro tweeted on Sept. 30.

Kathy stood by her sister, adding, “My FATHER LIVED & DIED FOR HIS FAMILY!!! SHAME ON YOU!!!”

And Kathy had even stronger words for Teresa as Tre’s attack on her dad continued. “Let my FATHER REST IN PEACE! It will be 10 years this NOVEMBER! U HAVE NO RIGHT!! YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO LOSE A PARENT!” she tweeted.

Even though Teresa pretended not to know who was screaming in the background at the reunion, she was clearly rattled by Rosie’s remarks. Do you think Rosie took it too far?