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Scratch and ‘Sniff-Out’ Mean Girls

It's Clueless, meets Mean Girls meets Freaky Friday..... Meanomorphosis is the story of Emily Monroe, a bully whose mean behavior leaves her clueless and causes her to change in a freaky way, (We told you so).

This strange tale is accompanied by a "scratch & sniff" card with eight different scents. Some of them smell nice and some are as nasty as the bully herself.

Entertaining, whitty and fun. Meanamorphosis is a film short with a message grounded in the the grassroots anti-bullying program created by Secret Deodorant called Mean Stinks.

Wetpaint knows that the issue of bullying is one that matters to you. That’s why we partnered with Secret Mean Stinks! to highlight the best and brightest from hollywood featuring positive messages and anti-bullying themes, as well as the latest news on what celebs are doing to help.

To learn more, follow them on Twitter @meanstinks.