Top 10 Revenge Quotes From the Season 2 Premiere: “Sounds Vaguely Revengey”
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Top 10 Revenge Quotes From the Season 2 Premiere: “Sounds Vaguely Revengey”

Revenge is back, and this week's premiere was packed with quotables –– most of which we transcribed while wearing Herve Leger, Polo shirts, and boat shoes (it looks good, trust us).

We've rounded up the top 10 zingers for you to look back on –– and yes, most of these are courtesy of Nolan. Everything that comes out of his mouth is even more golden than Emily's hair!

10. Takeda muses: "It's not the ropes that bind her. It is her fear."
It's the fear of Takeda's mullet that binds us.

9. Declan unleashes his man-motions all over Jack: "Ever since Amanda came back you have been pushing further and further away."
Declan is the clingiest boyfriend ever.

8. Nolan real talks: "You never know when a white-haired maniac's gonna pop out of the shadows with a knife, gun, or shoe bomb."
Ugh, Gandalf has been so unpredictable ever since The Mines of Moria.

7. Nolan gets pumped for Em's latest plan: "Sounds vaguely revengey."
YOLO, guys.

6. Nolan questions Emily: "Do you think Victoria could have had your mother declared cray-cray?"
To quote 90s rap duo Cypress Hill: Insane in the membrane, insane in the brain!

5. Charlotte pays tribute to her mom, remains awkward: "She was also a woman of many contradictions and deep secrets."
Clearly she's talking about Victoria's stint in that patchouli-scented Williamsburg loft. Shudder.

4. Nolan eye-rolls at Emily's plan: "Good luck with that after you broke poor Spaniel's heart."
The Ghost of Sammy the Dog does not appreciate your canine humor, Nolan.

3. Nolan honors Victoria's memory: "Do you think she's somewhere looking up at us?"
Please, Victoria would never have been let into hell.

2. Ashley sums up Daniel: "He's off brooding somewhere, or drinking, or maybe even both."
Daniel is writing so many poems in his mind. Just wait.

1. Nolan says hey to his main man: "Captain Jack! Or should I say Jack Daddy."
Note to self: Refer to Jack as "Jack Daddy" at all times.

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