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5 Biggest WTF Moments From Revenge Season 2, Episode 1, “Destiny”

Revenge is an intricately plotted and brilliant show with almost no loose ends, but every now and then our jaws drop in confusion, and we finger-wag the TV. Yep, it's called a WTF moment, and this week they were bountiful. We've rounded up the top 5 WTFs of the season premiere for you to ponder over some clam chowder, so dig in!

1. Takeda Has A Facelift, Emily Fails To Notice
If you spent Revenge's premiere wondering who the adorable old man with the rat-tail was, that would be Takeda. Yeah, yeah, he's aged a few years, and yes he has a completely new face, but just suspend your disbelief and go with it. If you were able to get through that one time they switcheroo'd the mom in Fresh Prince of Bel Air, you can get through this.

2. Ummm, Victoria's Living In A Hunting Lodge
Well, consider us worried. It appears as though Victoria is holed up in some taxidermy-filled hunting lodge in the Catskills, which might have a singing fish on the wall. Seriously, FBI / The White-Haired Man? This is the best you could come up with? We have no idea how Victoria is going to get through this season sans linen chairs and wainscotting, so let's hope she has a secret fetish for antlers.

3. Emily and Nolan Break Into Asylum, Pshhhh Ain't No Thing
Note to everyone: It's super easy to break into derelict insane asylums. Next time you feel like stealing a dusty potted plant or, you know, some private files, just head to Long Island and wander around the backwoods until you stumble of cross Angel of Mercy Hospital. And feel free to pass out in a bed with your dream journal –– after all, fan fiction doesn't write itself.

4. Daniel Is the Saddest Ever, Might Be Secretly Living In His Mom's Room
We're concerned about the Hampton's resident poet. Spaniel has taken Victoria's (fake) death worse than we expected, and has spiraled down into a sea of scotch, three piece suits, and tragic eyebrows. Poor dear spends most of his time trolling his mom's bedchamber of secrets (creepy), and at this point we're convinced that he's sleeping in Victoria's bed. How can it be wrong, when it feels so right?

5. FYI: Traffic Does Not Exist In Revenge
Don't you love it when the Revenge producers forget to research how long it takes people to actually do things? This week, Emily attended a mid-afternoon auction in the Hamptons and then booked it to Victoria's bunker in the Catskills, which is easily a 6-8 hour drive depending on traffic. To be fair, she arrived at nighttime, but then? Then she used her revegey skills to whiz back over to the Hamptons in time to chill with Nolan and Jack. The verdict? Alternate space time continuum.

BONUS: Does Revenge Take Place In 1995?
We've always had Emily pegged as a Mac girl, but it looks like she prefers to sleuth on a small, boxy PC circa that one time we were still in middle school. Honestly, that thing still uses Geocities.

What were your biggest WTF moments from the premiere? Sound off in the comments below!

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10.2.2012 / 09:00 PM EDT by Rachel McRady
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