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American Idol’s Phillip Phillips Talks About Keeping Romance Alive on the Road

American Idol Season 11 winner Phillip Phillips teamed up with Season 10 alum Haley Reinhart for Hard Rock Café’s Under:40 Music Marathon this weekend. To promote the show, the two appeared on Let’s Talk Live and updated fans on what they’ve been up to.

While Haley’s been promoting her new album, Listen Up!, on the road, Phillip’s just coming off the American Idols Live! tour.

The down-to-earth Phillip promises his new celebrity isn’t changing him. “It’s strange for me. I just kind of keep to myself. I don’t go out too much … I guess I just still feel like I’m normal and everything,” Phillip said. He added that his fashion hasn’t been much altered by the experience, either. “I’ve always just worn the clothes that I had whenever I played gigs before, so I’m not really worried about how I look … I kind of have some nicer clothes now, but it’s still me,” Phillip said.

Meanwhile, Haley has been busy, busy, busy: “Idol really prepared us [for that],” the blonde growler said. The new Season 12 judge Haley is most looking forward to? Mariah Carey. “I’m really excited to see her speak to the kids and give them some good advice,” Haley said.

As for P2, his longtime relationship with Hannah Blackwell survived the storm of publicity this year, though it was a challenge to keep the romance alive. “It’s tough, you know, but you know we just gotta kind of keep in touch as much as we can and try to keep it going, and just try to keep it a little romantic, send some gifts here and there. I’m not too good at it right now!” the singer admitted.

Since the tour’s conclusion in the Philippines last month, Phillip said that he and his fellow Season 11 contestants “haven’t spoken too much” because they’re “all trying to do [their] own thing” at the moment.

Source: Let’s Talk Live

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