Kyle Richards on Why She Returned to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills For Season 3 — Exclusive
Credit: Vivien Kililea/Courtesy of 5W Public Relations    
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Kyle Richards on Why She Returned to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills For Season 3 — Exclusive

If there’s one thing Adrienne Maloof knows how to do, it’s entertain. Her two-day Emmy Awards Beauty Retreat, hosted by Softcup and ZING® Vodka, was no exception. Guests were able to sip cocktails, pamper themselves, and enjoy edibles created by Adrienne’s private chef.

Among the many famous faces was Kyle Richards, and Wetpaint Entertainment took the opportunity to get a little intel on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3. Kyle admitted that while there are definitely dramatic moments (including a few with sister Kim), all the fun she has with her castmates keeps making her sign on for more seasons.

Wetpaint Entertainment: The last time we saw you, you were on the fence about doing this season.
Kyle Richards: Well, can you blame me?

What happened? What tipped the scale in the other direction?
I think that when you're upset and you're going through these difficult times, we all at one point or another have quit in the middle and then come back or said, “We're not coming back.” So I guess time heals all wounds, and we do have a lot of fun shooting the show sometimes too. It's not all problems and drama. There is a lot of problems and drama, but we also have a lot of fun.

Kim's healing process, is that going to be a large part of this season?
Yeah. Kim's journey that she's on right now, absolutely, is her main storyline because that's what's going on with her life.

Are you two more at peace with each other?
We have our moments, but yes. Right now, we're very good. There's times, you know, during shooting the show wasn't always great. I'm not going to lie, but I think it's just always going to be like that with us. But we do love each other. We're sisters and we're going to stick together no matter what.

But your relationship with her, are there new bumps, or is it similar to what we’ve explored before?
No, I'd say new bumps, yeah.

What do you make of the new housewife, Yolanda Foster?
Yolanda is beautiful, and she's a great girl.

How does she fit into the group?
Well, I actually met Yolanda many, many years ago, running around the same circles. I have known her, and she was married to Mohamed [Hadid], who's been on the show for the last two seasons. That's her ex‑husband. So we also have a relationship with her outside of the show.

You guys know the routine. Even though it's your lives, it's a shooting schedule. Is it weird when new people jump in and try to become part of that group?
I think that for them, it may be more strange because even though they've known half of us — I think Yolanda knows half of us — I think that they don't always understand the dynamics of our relationships and the problems that we've gone through together. So I think that maybe perhaps they're a little bit confused at times by us, one would assume.

What about Mauricio? Will he be back?
Of course; he really does not like problems and drama, but — he's obviously there throughout the whole season. He's my husband, but I think he actually gets involved a little bit in the drama as we see on the teaser yesterday. There's been some things that he really couldn't turn a blind eye to. He couldn't really turn his back to one particular situation. It really upset him. So he was quite vocal about that.

And Taylor Armstrong, do you think she is in a good place now?
I do. She's had a rough time, which, who can blame her? But she's in a good place, yes.

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