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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Season 2 Spoilers: Meet Rumplestiltskin’s Wife

In the present timeline on Once Upon a Time Season 2, the writers are busy exploring Rumplestiltskin's (Robert Carlyle) complicated relationship with Belle (Emilie de Ravin). But Belle isn't the only woman to have won Rumple's heart — he once had a wife, back when he was a man.

In Season 1, Episode 8: "Desperate Souls," we learn that Rumplestiltskin's wife left him because he was a coward and she couldn't stand being with him. It looks like we'll learn more about their backstory very soon.

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The official synopsis for Season 2, Episode 4: “The Crocodile" reveals that the Fairytale Land flashback portion of the episode will revolve around Rumplestiltskin trying to "save his wife, Milah, from being kidnapped by a band of cutthroat pirates." Some fans think that this episode will show us how he ended up losing Milah — perhaps she gets kidnapped because he's too cowardly to save her, or perhaps she voluntarily runs off with the pirates because she wants a more exciting life, as this casting call suggests.

While we'll have to wait to find out exactly what happens, there's one more thing we learn: Who's playing Milah! The press release confirms that she will be played by former The L Word actress Rachel Shelley, who we already knew was going to be on the show, but not in what role.

One thing's for certain: For a self-professed "coward" and, later, "monster," Rumplestiltskin sure has a knack for ending up with gorgeous women.

Catch the next new episode of Once Upon a Time on Sunday, October 7 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

Source: ABC, SpoilerTV

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