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Dancing With The Stars

Source: Everyone At DWTS All-Stars Was Shocked By Bristol Palin’s New Look – Exclusive

Those expecting the shy, girlish Bristol Palin from Season 11 of Dancing With the Stars received quite a surprise by the woman who showed up to compete for the All-Stars title instead. Backstage sources at the show tell us everyone – pros and celebrities alike – were impressed with the dramatic change.

“First of all, she looks completely different,” one source tells Wetpaint Entertainment. “Yes, she had the plastic surgery to her chin, which gives her face a more adult, refined look. But she’s also lost a good amount of weight and darkened her hair. Her look is a lot more sophisticated. One of the guys even commented the other day, ‘Is it just me or is Bristol kind of smokin’?’ She’s enjoying the attention.”

“There’s a difference in her attitude, too” the source continues. “Last time she was on the show, she was terrified. Her only goal was not totally embarrassing herself. This time, you can tell she’s a lot more comfortable. She has a good sense of humor about things and she’s been more willing to take risks.”

“If she ends up going far this time, it won’t be because people like her mother,” the source concludes. “It will be because Bristol’s really worked for it.”

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