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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Teresa Giudice Doesn’t Support Lauren Manzo’s Lap Band Surgery, Says Caroline Manzo Makes Her Kids “Miserable”

Teresa Giudice says she felt attacked at The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 4 Reunion, so now that it’s blog time, the hated housewife isn’t holding back. Check out what she has to say about Lauren Manzo, and how she thinks Caroline Manzo makes her daughter “miserable.”

Lauren’s struggle with her weight was a major plot point this season, and in recent weeks, Teresa has made it very clear that she doesn’t agree with Laur’s using lap band surgery to solve her problem.

In her blog,Teresa blames Caroline for influencing her daughter. She writes, “When Caroline said in one of her on-camera interviews that she ‘couldn't even relate’ to Lauren's struggle because she'd ‘been tiny her whole life,’ I realized what the problem was: Caroline.”

“You should embrace your children and how they look, not constantly remind them how miserable they are, making them even more miserable,” Tre continues.

And while Lauren called out Teresa at the reunion for sending out a bad message to young people struggling with their weight, Tre now turns the tables on Laur and Caroline, claiming that they are sending out a bad message.

Teresa explains, “Lauren was 185 pounds. Not 285. She's 24. Do you think major surgery chopping up your stomach is the answer for that extra 30 pounds? I don't. The ones who are sending out the bad message to kids in America are Lauren and Caroline for acting like Lauren was a prehistoric beast before and the lap band saved her life.”

Whoa, easy there, Tre! Do you agree with Teresa’s assertion that Lauren and Caroline are the ones negatively influencing young people? Tell us below.