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3 Reasons Conrad Grayson Is the Body at the Bottom of the Ocean From the Revenge Season 2 Premiere

At this point, we've watched Revenge's premiere more times than even the most deranged fan-girl, and let's just say we've become besties with the mysterious drowned arm floating next to The Amanda. Basically, it's our new Sammy the Dog. We're thinking this appendage belongs to the nefarious gentleman known as Conrad Grayson –– check out 3 reasons why!

1. Fact: It's A White, Middle-Aged Man Hand

There's no doubt that the mystery arm/hand belongs to an older and extremely hirsute man, and we've been eyeing Conrad's forearms every chance we get. They're hairy, they're manly –– and did we mention they're usually wearing a starched white button down (much like the dead body)?

2. Fact: Said Hand Is Rocking A Wedding Ring

Conrad is all about drumming up publicity for Grayson Global, and it's possible that he'll start wearing his wedding ring as a show of good-faith once Victoria comes back from the dead. Conrad will stop at nothing to protect his company's name and present a united front, and since Victoria will doubtless want to take Connie down from the inside, we can definitely see her going along with his plan.

3. Fact: Conrad Has A Target On His Head

There literally isn't one person in the Hamptons who doesn't want to see Conrad at the bottom of the ocean. Even the endangered lobster tribes in Montauk are seeking revenge on him! Plus, keep in mind that the Revenge producers probably won't kill off any well-liked characters mid-season, and though we love Connie with the passion of a thousand oysters, we wouldn't spiral into a pit of ennui if he died. Actually scratch that, we're already crying.

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10.3.2012 / 07:59 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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