Bachelor Pad 3 Relationship Updates: Who’s Still Together?
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The Bachelorette

Bachelor Pad 3 Relationship Updates: Who’s Still Together?

Do you miss Bachelor Pad with a slightly freakish passion and desire? So do we, gang. Life just isn't the same without Ed Swiderski playing with his pickle and making jubilant sex noises, and the time has come to touch base with our lovers and fighters. Four couples came out of BP3, and we've rounded up all the gossip, rumors, and exclusives about them for you to catch up on!


Bachelor Pad 3 Relationship Updates: Who’s Still Together?
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Michael Stagliano on Bachelor Pad 3 Partner Rachel Truehart: “She Was Falling in Love, and I Just Wasn't”
At the Bachelor Pad 3 Finale, Michael got in the hot seat, where Chris Harrison asked him about what went down between him and Rachel. Let's just say he opened up his true feelings.

– Are Bachelor Pad’s Michael Stagliano and Rachel Truehart Dating?
Rachel and Stag's love blossomed on their date to see that random country band that no one's ever heard of, and they've been making us dreamy sigh ever since. So, are Rachel and The Stag still together? Tragically, not so much.

– Bachelor Pad Rumor Patrol: Is Chris Bukowski Dating Rachel Truehart? — Exclusive
RumorFix reported that “Chris had Rachel Truehart visiting him in Chicago last weekend and the two are now hooking up.” So, what’s true? What’s false? Click to read!

– Michael Stagliano on Marrying His New Girlfriend: "I Am Very Much In Love"
Don't expect Michael and Rachel to reconcile anytime soon, because The Stag has a new doe (a deer, a female deer)! That's right, Michael is in a long distance relationship with a woman from Chicago who he's been dating for two and a half months — and they're "very much in love!"

– Did Michael Stagliano Have a Girlfriend Back Home The Whole Time He Was on Bachelor Pad?
According to spoiler guru, Reality Steve, Michael has a girlfriend named Emily from Chicago, who he broke up with before Bachelor Pad started filming. The Stag met Emily during one of his concerts, and they reconnected as soon as he was kicked out of Chris Harrison's love shack. Scandal!


Bachelor Pad 3 Relationship Updates: Who’s Still Together?
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– Are Jaclyn Swartz and Ed Swiderski Still Dating? Bachelor Pad 3 Love Connection Update
Jaclyn Swartz and Ed Swiderski were one of the cutest couples on Bachelor Pad, and we're dying to know if they're still together. The answer? Kinda.

– Jaclyn Swartz Dishes on Her Ed Swiderski Bachelor Pad 3 Hookup — Are They Friends With Benefits or Just BFFs?
Is Jaclyn still dating Ed? "Ed and I are best friends, and I think that we will be in each other's lives for a long time and that's that," she says. Sigh, girlfriend is so coy. Let's just assume she and Ed are still hooking up and call it a day, sound good?

– Does Bachelor Pad’s Ed Swiderski Have a Girlfriend Back Home?
Ed tells RealityWanted, “I definitely wasn't there for love! I absolutely was there to win. I treat it just like any competition. I have someone at home that I have always kind of had feelings for, even though I was single on the show. I wasn't there to look for anybody but I made some great friendships. I'm happy for that!”


Bachelor Pad 3 Relationship Updates: Who’s Still Together?
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– Bachelor Pad 3 Power Couple Chris Bukowski and Sarah Newlon Reunite in LA
Chris and Sarah reunited for the Bachelor Pad Finale, and were more in love than ever! To demonstrate the awesomeness of their pairing, Sarah shared a pic of herself and Chris, tweeting, “In LA, with the best partner in the whole wide world @chrisjbukowski.” Best partner for Sarah, yes — but not Blakeley Jones, nor Jamie Otis. Guess third time’s the charm!


Bachelor Pad 3 Relationship Updates: Who’s Still Together?
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– How Kalon McMahon and Lindzi Cox Keep Their Long-Distance Love Alive: Topless Skyping?
While Kalon makes no bones about how hard it is to be in a long distance relationship, he and Lindzi are willing to go the distance –– literally. So how do these lovebirds stay in touch? A little thing called Face Chat, ya'll.

– Kalon McMahon Confirms He’s Still Dating Lindzi Cox — and “Wouldn’t Change It for Anything”
Team Kindzi is still active! Kalon says "being with Lindzi was literally just effortless. We kind of started hanging out and talking, and before we knew it, we looked around and realized, ‘Wow, we're kind of a couple. This is awesome,’ and I wouldn't change it for anything.”

– Bachelor Pad 3's Kalon McMahon and Lindzi Cox: A Kindzi Relationship Timeline to Melt Your Heart
Much like Romeo and Juliet, Adam and Eve, and Kanye and Kim, Kalon and Lindzi found love in a hopeless place. Or in this case, a hopeless place filled with fungal infections, tepid water, suicidal wine glasses, and disgruntled neighbors calling the police. The rest is history...which we've documented for you in great detail.

– Kalon and Lindzi Vaycay In California
Kalon and Lindzi were spotted on a random beach at Bacara Resort & Spa in California. Classy, couture — and look at that body language! They aren't even posing for the camera, yet Lindzi's arm is wrapped firmly around Kalon's delicate waist.

– Bachelor Pad 3 Love Connection? Kalon McMahon Spotted With Lindzi Cox in Her Hometown — Exclusive
These two were recently spotted by a Wetpaint Entertainment insider at Blue Martini Lounge in Bellevue, Washington (where Lindzi lives), and apparently they were more than a little cozy!


Bachelor Pad 3 Relationship Updates: Who’s Still Together?
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– All About Blakeley Jones's $100,000 Engagement Ring From Tony Pieper — Exclusive
Wetpaint Entertainment has the exclusive first details on Blake's stunning Neil Lane engagement ring. Check it out!

– Sean Lowe, Emily Maynard, and Jef Holm Say Congrats to Newly-Engaged Tony Pieper and Blakely Jones — Exclusive!
Tony and Blakeley are receiving an outpouring of support from Bachelor Nation. Tony’s fellow Bachelorette stars Sean Lowe, Emily Maynard, and Jef Holm are especially touched. Speaking exclusively to Wetpaint Entertainment, they shared their well wishes.

– Chris Harrison: Bachelor Pad’s Tony Pieper Is Blakeley Jones’s “Caretaker”
Like most of us, Chris Harrison never would’ve predicted a Tony/Blakeley love match on BP3 — but the more he thinks about it, the more it makes sense. “She’s a vulnerable little girl and she kind of wants that guy who’s going to be just overly honest and protective and trustworthy and dependent,” Chris tells RumorFix.