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Pretty Little Liars

Did Ashley Benson Ever Date Pretty Little Liars Co-Star Julian Morris? You Asked, We Answer

Back in May, Ashley Benson (Hanna) was spotted hanging out with Pretty Little Liars co-star (and Once Upon a Time prince!) Julian Morris (Wren Kingston) late at night in LA. Since rumors had been circulating about Ashley’s love life at the time, seeing as how she was spending late-night time with Keegan Allen (Toby Cavanaugh) as well, we started to wonder if Julian and Ashley have ever dated in real life.

As cute as they are together, and despite all the chemistry they have as Wrenna on-screen, as far as we can tell, Ashley is still happily in a relationship with her longtime boyfriend Ryan Good.

As for Julian, lists redheaded actress Lindy Booth as a recent girlfriend, but we’re skeptical unless we’ve heard Julian himself say who he is dating. Or at least seen a photo of them canoodling!

For now, Ashley and Julian are just friends.

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