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Glee’s Alex Newell on Ryan Murphy, Ugly Crying, and What’s Next for Unique in Season 4 — Exclusive

Glee’s Unique (Alex Newell) started off the school year by fulfilling one of our personal fantasies — transferring to McKinley High School — and she’s been bringing her own brand of flair to the New Directions performances ever since. We still can’t get over her sassy vocals on “Womanizer” during the Britney Spears episode. McKinley needs a new diva, and Unique seems more than ready to step into those shoes!

Wetpaint Entertainment chatted exclusively with actor Alex Newell during Glee’s Season 4 premiere party, and he told us that he’s still in a bit of shock over the fact that his character will be around so much this year. Hear Alex’s hopes for what’s to come — told with his unmistakable sassy flair.

What was your reaction to finding out that you were back for Season 4?
Tears. I think that's what I go to when I'm shocked about things. I go straight to tears. It starts to run up my body like just go straight to tears. And I have an ugly cry. So when I cry, I can't cry pretty. It’s like [sob].

How was Unique created?
Unique? I mean, look at the name. It's unique. It's so different. I don't know. It started on The Glee Project. I guess Ryan saw, “Ah!” and I was like, “Ah!” And he was like, “Aw,” and I was like, “Okay.” And so that's how it started.

So was there collaboration? Did you have input when it came to your character on the show?
I mean, a little, but not too much. I love it, how it's written, how everything falls into place, how it meshes together. I literally love it.

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So what can we expect from your character this season?
I keep saying it, lots of sassafras, sassafras everywhere. I love sassafras so much. And you see Unique as a person, actual character development, and I die for it. I literally just die for it.

So we don't really know much about what goes on at home. What goes on at home?
I don't know yet. We're going to figure it out.

What's been surprising about this whole thing?
That I'm here. That's about it. That's all I got. That I'm literally here.

Do you feel like you have an advantage, compared to the new kids?
No. Because they're all talented. And it makes me so happy that every day, I'm singing for my life because it's like The Glee Project all over again. I'm singing for my life. I let go in the studio. But they're all so sweet. They’re fun. Everyone's fun.

Is there going to be tension within the group?
I hope not. I like them all as people. I don't want Unique to have to go all crazy, psycho, black chick on everything because she will. She needs to.

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