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Lea Michele Adopted a Stray Cat From the Glee Lot — and So Did Heather Morris!

Glee hasn’t only provided Lea Michele (Rachel) with a place of employment, but the show also helped Lea meet her adorable cat, Sheila.

Lea appears on The Ellen Degeneres Show today and tells Ellen that she discovered Sheila at work one day, and the rest is history. “I found her on the Paramount lot under a bush with her brothers and sisters,” Lea says. No word on whether the cats were there because they were hoping to join Lord Tubbington’s gang.

And Sheila definitely makes Lea aware of her appreciation. “She, like, smothers me with love,” Lea says. So cute! And Lea wasn’t the only Glee cast member who ended up with a new pet that day, as Heather Morris (Brittany) decided to take one of the other cats. Hooray for stories with happy endings!

Lea and Ellen also discuss Lea’s old apartment in New York City, which Lea claims is haunted by ghosts from a former nunnery. “I would hear what sounded like a woman warming up and doing scales,” she says, insisting that the sounds couldn’t have come from anywhere else. Then again, there’s nothing wrong with a little music, even if it comes from the spirit world, right?

Then, Ellen and Lea play a game that required Lea to answer four questions about reality TV — one of the starlet’s guilty pleasures — and the accuracy of Lea’s responses determined whether a member of the audience gets splattered with paint, a slushie, and other unpleasant substances.

Sadly, Lea went zero-for-four in answering the questions, so the audience member got covered in all kinds of goop. Let’s hope that Ellen hasn’t caused Lea to lose a fan in the process!

Source: The Ellen Show

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10.3.2012 / 04:53 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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