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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Adam Levine

Since Maroon 5 frontman and Voice coach Adam Levine snuck into our hearts and headphones with his sexy falsetto and ever-growing sleeve of tattoos nearly 10 years ago, we’ve learned a few things about the lovable rock star. We know he’s got a bit of a ‘tude, has a Leonardo Dicaprio-esque penchant for blonde leggy models, and if the past two seasons of The Voice are any indication, he doesn’t like to lose.

But there’s still a lot to learn about the crooner, so for all of you Levine lovers out there, pay attention! Because here’s five things you didn’t know about Adam Levine:

1. Band Bros
The four original members of Maroon 5 have known each other since attending Brentwood School in Los Angeles They were originally called “Kara's Flowers,” named after a girl that the band had a "collective crush" on. And before their breakout album Songs About Jane in 2002, they regularly played gigs at neighboring high schools to drum up band buzz.

2. He’s Ambidextrous
He writes and draws with his left hand but prefer his right hand for most other activities. That’s probably the reason he can play guitar and our hearts at the same time...

3. He knows he’s a big shot
At age six, Adam made the winning shot at his local YMCA championship basketball game and has attributed that moment as the beginning of his life long winning streak. “Maybe that shot is why I turned into an optimist,” he said of the game, “and a bit of a cocky son of a bitch.” Admitting it is the first step to recovery, Adam.

4. Adam and the Art of Zen
He was dubbed “The Zen Master” by his bandmates and friends. “I don’t own anything,” he told VH1. “I’m into clothes, and that’s basically it.” He should probably add beautiful women and worldwide fame to that short list.

5. He loves Breaking Bad and burnt sienna
Heralding the new season of AMC’s hit series, Adam recently tweeted “Goodbye social life...hello Breaking Bad... “ And if you were wondering about his Crayola color of choice, Adam’s cleared that one up too: “burnt siena... Obviously...”. Stars, they’re just like us!

Did you know these deets about Adam? Tell us below!

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