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Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Season 3 Writer Bryan Cogman on New Inside Game of Thrones Book and “Terrific” New Season — Exclusive

Do you spend your weekends crying into a plate of lemon cakes because Game of Thrones won't be back until late March 2013? Yeah, us too.

While we can't make the show come faster, we do have an idea about how you can occupy your Westeros-loving mind in the meantime: This week, HBO released Inside HBO’s Game of Thrones, a "visual companion" book to the show that takes you behind-the-scenes of the first two seasons — "part making of, part mythology guide, part art/photography book."

The book was written by a Game of Thrones writer and script editor Bryan Cogman. Wetpaint Entertainment recently had a chance to talk to Bryan, who revealed some details on the book — and tantalizingly teased Season 3.

We've had a peek at the book, and it really does contain an impressive amount of material. We expected Bryan to say it took him months upon months to compile, but it turns out he pulled it all together essentially over one summer — while filming, too. "It was a mad scramble to gather all the art, conduct and transcribe all the interviews, and write the thing all while we were in Belfast shooting the show."

And what a lot of interviews to conduct! The book is jam-packed with insights from the "massive cast and crew" — everyone from the actors to the storyboard artists — about their "various processes" and "views on the material and characters." Bryans says having a chance to talk to people from all parts of production "reinforced my view that we have the most dynamic, varied, and creative cast and crew on TV."

Unsurprisingly, Bryan's favorite person to talk to was the mastermind behind it all: A Song of Ice and Fire writer George R.R. Martin. "You could publish a whole book from my interview with him," he teases. "Only a few choice bits made it in, but that was a treat."

Of course, we couldn't talk to a GoT writer without asking about Season 3. As fans of the books know, the next installment in the series offers even more obstacles for the TV wizards attempting to bring Martin's epic to life.

Bryan agrees that the third season "without a doubt" presents new challenges for the show. "But it's tremendously fun and rewarding." He couldn't spill any details (hey, you spoiler-hungry types can always read the books!), but he assures us Season 3 is going to be "terrific."

"It's largely drawn from the third book in the series, and I'll often find myself watching a scene on set and thinking, I've been waiting four years to see this scene come to life."

You can check out a couple of pages from Inside HBO’s Game of Thrones below (click on thumbnails for full version). Enjoy!

Credit: Courtesy of HBO    
Credit: Courtesy of HBO    
Credit: Courtesy of HBO    

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