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Glee Season 4: Are Sam and Brittany About to Hook Up? Chord Overstreet Weighs In

Could Brittany (Heather Morris) turn out to be the new girlfriend that Sam (Chord Overstreet) has been rumored to start dating in Season 4 of Glee? It’s certainly sounding that way. Brittana fans, start your sobbing now.

Chord was asked by E! Online whether Brittany and Sam will indeed hook up. “We'll see,” was his response. “There's a bunch of different love triangles going on this year. There's a lot of interesting stuff, so maybe.”

Okay, so that’s certainly not an outright “yes.” But it does sound like Samtany is becoming a strong possibility, especially with Chord referring to things as “interesting.” And then Chord even goes further, saying, “It depends on if her and Santana are still together. We don't know yet.”

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C’mon, Chord — we need more info than that! But Chord’s method of telling us to wait and see if Brittana breaks up sorta mirrors what Ryan Murphy recently tweeted about how Brittany wouldn’t actually cheat on Santana. Seems like a very careful choice of words, no?

All of this seems to point to Sam and Brittany getting together if Brittana ends up hitting a rough patch. Gulp. Either way, we kinda want these Brittana rumors to go away already, but they just won’t!

Source: E! Online

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