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Glee Season 4 Music Spoilers: First Listen and Full Song List From Episode 4: “The Break-Up” — Leaked

It’s the Glee episode we all wish would just be over already, and now we’re learning even more about what’s in store. It’s about October 4’s Season 4, Episode 4: “The Break-Up.” Yes, multiple couples will be breaking up over the course of the hour, and the prognosis for many of our favorites doesn’t look good.

We’ve been able to uncover an initial track list for the episode, and while things might look fairly promising for Brittana — we’re getting more a more worried about the fates of Finchel and Klaine. Here's your first listen to every single heartbreaking song from the upcoming episode.

Song List:

- Taylor Swift’s “Mine,” performed by Santana, sung to Brittany
- Demi Lovato’s “Give Your Heart a Break,” performed by Rachel and Brody
- Coldplay’s “The Scientist,” performed by Finchel, Wemma, Brittana and Klaine
- “Barely Breathing,” performed by Blaine and Finn

- An acoustic version of "Teenage Dream," performed by Blaine
- No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak,” performed by Kurt, Blaine, Finn and Rachel

Can't wait for Taylor Swift!

The Demi Lovato song is fantastic!

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10.4.2012 / 08:30 PM EDT by Beth Douglass
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