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Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl Season 6 Premiere: 5 Super-Juicy Spoilers

Since neither The CW nor show creator Josh Schwartz has responded to our desperate attempts to keep Gossip Girl from ending, we’ve finally come to terms with the series leaving us. (Well, other than our deep desire to chain ourselves to Bendel in protest.) One thing’s for sure though — we couldn’t be happier that the Season 6 Premiere is finally upon us.

We’ve told you a little — okay, a lot — about what we know and what we suspect in the first episode “Gone Maybe Gone.” There will be a wedding, a fateful limo coupling (or tripling — is that a word?), and some slapping too... but we have word from Spoiler King Michael Ausiello that there will also be a few more surprises.

1) There is definitely a wedding, but like all good Gossip Girl events, this one has a twist. We’ve seen the episode and can tell you that although the majority of the main characters on the show are present, you will not be able to guess who’s actually getting married beforehand.

2) Someone has a big secret (shocker)... and that someone’s initials are BB. Well, that sounds an awful lot like it’s Bart Bass. You know, unless Blair and Chuck secretly got married... Blair Bass — we like the sound of it, but doubt it will happen before the end of the series, if at all.

3) Blair and Georgina will have a little bitch-off throughout the episode. Well, it just wouldn’t be a Georgina rivalry unless there was a little tongue lashing thrown in for good measure. Wonder what the topic of debate will be... we’re betting Georgina’s not going to let the season end without one (or ten) more surges for power.

4) The Ostroff Center has a new name, and it comes from recent show events. Could it have to do with how we left Serena at the end of Season 5 — when she was seemingly buying drugs on a train?

5) Dan gives Blair a verbal smack down — with love, of course — about her relationship with Chuck. Apparently, he’s the only one talking in the end, as Blair is left speechless. What could make Queen B close those pouty, perfect lips in the middle of a verbal sparring? We know Dan cares about Blair, but it would have to be some pretty big fightin’ words to keep B from reacting.

Bonus: Someone will be wearing an engagement ring by the end of the episode, but there’s a twist. Who do you think it will be? We have our own thoughts, but we want to know where yours are going... Tell us below.

Source: TV Line

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