Jersey Shore Season 6 Spoiler Roundup: What Goes Down in the Final Season
Credit: Matthias Clamer/ MTV    
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Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore Season 6 Spoiler Roundup: What Goes Down in the Final Season

The final season of Jersey Shore is almost here (Season 6, Episode 1: “Once More Unto the Beach” and Episode 2: “No Shame, Good Integrity,” will air October 4)! We’re counting down the minutes until we can see our favorite tan faces spouting new words of wisdom, but in the meantime, let’s review all the spoilers we have about Season 6 so far.

The Situation
The official Season 6 synopsis from MTV reveals that The Situation “is navigating the party world of clubs and nightlife while maintaining his sobriety and mending relationships with his former roommates.” Mike also said (during his time on Celebrity Big Brother UK), “I can’t talk about how many fights I got into … every time we went to the club somebody would go like that [pushes with his hand] to one of the boys.” But not to worry! The Sitch says that being sober attracted tons of hot girls. We also know from photos that The Situation, on-and-off girlfriend Paula, Deena Nicole, and Deena’s boyfriend Chris have a double date coming up. Earlier spoilers also indicated that Mike will make things “official” between him and Paula. Presumably, in between all the girls he’s attracting with his sobriety. Oh, and all the crazy stalkers and fans The Sitch says were following them everywhere they went.

Also, it must be said: Mike will strip for JWOWW.

Jersey Shore Season 6 Spoiler Roundup: What Goes Down in the Final Season
Credit: Matthias Clamer/ MTV    

Fairly quickly, Snooki will be moving into the house next door to the Shore house. Since Snooki was pregnant at the time of filming, the other castmates spent a lot of time hanging out at her house. Pictures from over the summer show Snooki enjoying the pleasures of a motorized scooter, and loading up a baby stroller with beer (none of which she drank!). So, typical mom-to-be activities, obviously! Also, the roommates will “rally around her” as she goes through her first pregnancy, and the girls in the house will throw her a Shore-style baby shower.

Poor JWOWW. Pictures have shown the newly engaged star wearing an ankle brace and walking on crutches over the summer, and rumors suggested she suffered the injury after the big fight at Bamboo on June 8. We’ll have to wait and see how exactly she hurt her ankle. In the Season 6 trailer, it looks like Roger shoves JWOWW’s face. But before we jump to conclusions, we’ll assume that he was trying to protect her from whatever was going on around them. Other spoilers have indicated that JWOWW gets “depressed” in the days following the bar fight because Roger stops speaking to her. And in the first sneak peek from the premiere, JWOWW plays substitute meatball for Deena.

For reasons as-yet-unknown, Vinny has taken a vow of celibacy before arriving in Seaside for the summer. Not that it will last long. One spoiler says that he announces the end of his celibacy within the first two episodes.

Jersey Shore Season 6 Spoiler Roundup: What Goes Down in the Final Season
Credit: Matthias Clamer/ MTV    

Deena Nicole
It’s going to be a big summer for our little meatball. Not only will she have a boyfriend for the first time during filming, but she will miss him dearly. She’ll also miss Snooki so much that she’ll get drunk one Sunday, dance along the boardwalk, and get arrested for allegedly dancing in the street. We’ll finally get to put movement to the photos we’ve seen of the incident. We also know that Deena will do some wedgie-picking at the beach, and that she’ll learn some new words, including “integrity.”

Pauly D
His romance with Vinny will stay strong, and based on the fact that he’s currently the only single one in the cast, we’re sure he’ll do what he does best, and bring tons of girls back to the house.

We know that Sammi and Ronnie patched things up (again) before filming began this summer, so expect a lot of SamRon smushy moments. But all won’t be sunny in Seaside for RonRon. He was very much involved with the big bar fight, and was even threatened with a lawsuit. We’ll see what really went down that day soon enough.

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Jersey Shore Season 6 will premiere on Thursday, October 4 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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Jersey Shore airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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