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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Kathy Wakile Talks About Reaching Her “Limit” at The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 4 Reunion

As we’ve seen on the past two seasons of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, it takes a lot to get Kathy Wakile riled up, but her cousin Teresa Giudice did just that during part one of the Season 4 Reunion when she questioned the stability of Kathy’s marriage to her husband, Richie.

During the reunion, Teresa revealed that her mother (Kathy’s aunt) had told her Kathy and Richie were getting divorced. In her blog, Kathy says she can’t understand why Teresa would bring her own mother into all of this pointless bickering.

Kathy writes, “There are a few things that I hold sacred in my life: my children, my family, and most of all my marriage. You have all seen that of these things, my marriage is the basis of my life. How dare she try to pick away at my marriage and then throw her mother under the bus and say that she is the one who told her this? Why would she betray her mother’s confidence and get her involved in this?”

Still, even though Teresa attacked something sacred to Kathy, Kathy admits that she isn’t entirely proud of how she reacted. She explains,“I want to go on record that I’m not proud of the dark place that I went to when I lashed out at Teresa. It’s not in my nature to allow myself to react so harshly, and I feel bad about my behavior.

“I will always be accountable for my wrongdoings, as I have in the past, and I will continue to do so. Unfortunately, this time I reacted after Teresa had pushed me to my limit,” Kathy continued.

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