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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Part-Time Real Housewife Faye Resnick Talks Being a Hippie, Calls Brandi Glanville “Mean and Cruel”

The gracious Adrienne Maloof recently hosted a two-day Emmy Awards Beauty Retreat, along with Softcup and ZING® Vodka. A few familiar Real Housewives of Beverly Hills faces were in attendance at the swanky event, including fan-favorite Faye Resnick.

In the promo video for Season 3 of RHoBH, Faye is seen speaking her mind, as usual, and Wetpaint Entertainment asked what we can expect when the interior designer pops up on the show. Faye opened up about Adrienne’s separation from Paul Nassif and the role she feels Brandi Glanville played in the split.

Wetpaint Entertainment: In what capacity are you on the new season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

Faye Resnick: As a friend. There's two of us. There's Marisa [Zanuck] and myself. So we're part‑time housewives, is what they call us.

Do you ever consider doing it full time?

My business doesn't really allow for that. My business is really intimate. I mean, I'm a designer, and I design people's homes. It's not like you see on design shows. That is not the way it really is. I know every secret. I know everything about their lifestyle. It's a different situation entirely. So, it's really difficult because most of my clients are A-listers. So most of them don't really want their life on the screen as far as the design work. I walk a very fine line in that.

Fans love you, though.

Because I'm honest, because I say what I think. I'm not afraid. I don't care about being politically correct. Unfortunately, I'm a woman's woman, and I'm used to getting along with women. This is the first time I've really ever been introduced to a couple of pretty crazy people.

You say that, and you've pretty publicly stated that you think Brandi’s sort of played a part with Adrienne with Paul.

Of course she did.

Do you care to elaborate?

No. That will unveil itself. I mean, I did not like what happened in any way, shape, or form. I felt she was mean and cruel and intentionally trying to be [sort] of divisive. I don't understand that. I think we're all here to make each other's lives better. That's the premise. So if you operate on that premise, then it's really hard for you to see somebody who is just cunning and mean.

Do you think that’s something that’s coming across on television?

That depends on the editing.

But it happened with you on camera.

But that doesn't mean anything. What is shown and what's real. What's happens off camera and what happens in editing are two different things.

What was it like to meet Brandi initially?

You know, I actually was looking forward to Brandi coming on the show, because I heard she was coming from a hippie family. I always thought of myself as a hippie. That was kind of my time where everybody was peace and love and getting along. She was beautiful and all of that stuff. So I was really looking forward to Brandi showing up. But then, being mean is not part of that movement. This was night and day.

What are your thoughts on what's going on right now with Adrienne and Paul?

I mean, I just wish them well. I hope that they reconcile. I think that it's difficult being in a relationship, obviously. It's certainly difficult when you're in the public eye, and there's outside influences that either help make the relationship strong or break it apart. And we all hope that we're strong enough within our relationships to deal with that. So, I really don't know what else to say other than I just really love them both. I've known Adrienne for years; I guess, 25 years. My stepdaughter's dated her son, her brother's, back in the ’80s. And I've also designed for the Palms. So Adrienne and I, I wish her well, and I wish them well.

So they’re like family.

It's sad.

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