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Revenge Season 2 Theory: Is the White-Haired Man Actually Working For Emily Thorne?

Victoria Grayson wasn’t the only villain to return in a big way in Sunday night’s premiere of Revenge Season 2. Everyone’s favorite white-haired bad boy made a cameo when we learned that he’s been working with Vicky all along.

Or has he?

In last season’s finale, Emily Thorne spared the White-Haired Man’s life when he was one swift push of the ax away from losing it. He knows her true identity and that her end game is to take down those who framed her father.

Those people are also liabilities for the cotton-topped villain and his terrorist organization, Americon Initiative, so he wouldn’t be particularly heart broken if Ms. Thorne’s plan worked.

Though we’re pretty sure Ems was shocked to see Victoria alive in the premiere, that doesn’t mean that she isn’t indirectly working with the White-Haired Man. They’re probably not on a texting basis, but she didn’t seem particularly shocked to see his vibrant head of hair on the clam cam.

When she originally asked Nolan to put in the camera, she told him she wanted to “play a hunch.” Could her potential connection to the WHM be that hunch?

And since he knows Emily’s true identity, wouldn’t he have told the Ice Queen about the real Amanda Clarke?

Maybe his loyalty lies with Emily and that’s why he’s playing along with Victoria. What do you think? Weigh in below!

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10.4.2012 / 12:39 AM EDT by Rachel McRady
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