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Revenge Season 2: Why Does Conrad Grayson Want Daniel to Date Emily? Has He Hooked Up With Ashley?

In what was probably the most groan-worthy moment of the Revenge Season 2 premiere, we learned that Daniel Grayson and ladder-climber Ashley Davenport had become an official item following his break up with Emily Thorne.

And it seems we weren’t the only ones displeased with the pairing. Daniel’s father, Conrad, seemed to have a problem with his son’s latest conquest when the two spoke at the Memorial Day party.

“The return of the vivacious and illusive Ms. Emily Thorne. It’s never too late to reconcile, you know,” Conrad said upon seeing Ems.

“It’s never going to happen, Dad,” Daniel replied.

“Why not?” asked Conrad. “She’s a much more suitable match than the delightful, if not frothy confection that is Ashley Davenport.”

“At least Ashley’s smart enough not to cheat on me,” Daniel said bitterly.

“Is she now?” Conrad replied with an all-knowing smile.

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Was the last comment merely Conrad’s take that all women are capable of cheating, or does he know more than he’s telling his son?

Conrad and Ashley already had some creepy sexual tension in Season 1, when he convinced her to come work for Grayson Global by seducing her with a brand new car.

And the two have always had a certain ease around each other. Is Ash the new Lydia? She would do anything to get ahead, but would the young assistant really go Fifty Shades of Grayson?

Conrad clearly prefers Emily as a suitor for Daniel because of her status and wealth, but could his dislike for the couple that is “Dashley” go further? Say, to the South Fork Inn?

What do you think Revengers? Weigh in below!

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