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The X Factor

Top 10 Quotes From X Factor Bootcamp: “I’m About to Bring the CeCe Thunder”

X Factor Season 2 auditions are over, and you know what that means! Everyone is one more jumbo-sized Pepsi away from having a mental breakdown and begging Simon Cowell not to sit on their cat friends.

Bootcamp is a horrifying place full of deep thoughts about love, life, feelings, singing, and the mysterious planet X that's making its way through space, and we've rounded up the top 10 quotes from this week's episode. This is almost as important as Britney's impromptu dance moves.

10. Jake Garza sobs: "I want my mom."
Shhh, gentle child. Britney is now your mom.

9. Simon prepares for the apocalypse: "This will be the most intense week of their lives."
The Mayans are the guest judges, you guys.

8. Britney: "We're going to push them to their limits with a series of challenges."
First up? The Hunger Games.

7. L.A. has a thought: "I loved her better than any 13-year-old I've ever seen."
Nope, nope, do not want.

6. Simon tells Tara that he saw her lady parts: "When you watch that back you're going to find you showed us a little bit more than you expected."
Way to be a perv, Simon.

5. Britney cries, cries, cries in her lonely heart: "I'm pretty dissapointed."
Demi and her blue fishtail are going to punish whoever did this to her.

4. Britney listens to Jake Garza's epic fail: "I'm saaaaaaaad."
Quick, hide the razors!

3. Trevor Moran is outtie: "I'm heartbroken."
Sigh, better roll him into the corner of a linoleum floor again.

2. Emblem3 member forms a sentence: "I'm like, dude, just be a musician."
Ugh, right guys?

1. Cece brings it: "They ain't seen nothing yet cause I'm about to bring the Cece thunder."
Rain clouds that drip leopard print skin tattoos? All our dreams are coming true!

10.4.2012 / 06:47 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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